Friday, September 19, 2008


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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Malaysiakini reports that a group calling themselves "concerned Citizens' from Penang have lodge a police report accusing YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim causing political instability in the country. From the Malaysiakini photo grab above you can tell the group appears to be Indian Muslim in origin. This is a typical signature of Penang Umno. In fact, this Scribe had stated in an earlier posting that Umno is basically a party of Indian Muslims who are Malay wannabes. The 'real' Malays are in either PAS or PKR.

If this group represents 'concerned citizens' why are the other communities not represented in the group. Some even covered their faces from the cameras. This Scribe smells a rat here. It is definately a stinky Umno rat. That's why they don't want to show their faces on camera. You can bet your top dollar the Police will act with lightning speed on this Police report.

Umno, you are doomed. Pack your bags and leave us the Rakyat (People) alone. By the way way, "Puasa hang semua ni dah batal!. Bertaubatlah dalam bulan mulia ini sebelum engkau semua disembahyangkan!"
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Friday, September 19, 2008

Malaysiakini reports that Seputeh MP YB Teresa Kok has been released after being illegally detained under the Internal Security Act. This follows a statement by former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed who said that the ISA should not have bee used on YB Teresa Kok and blogger YM Raja Petra Kamaruddin. Mahathir also added that in no way bloggers are a threat to national security and as such they should not have been detained in the first place under the ISA.

The release of Teresa Kok is another indication that PMabdullah Badawi’s grip on power is slipping away. Already, several senior Umno supreme council members have demanded Abdullah to step down now to ‘save him from the embarrassment' of not getting enough nominations for Umno president.

All these points to a climax as the standoff between Badawi and YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim may come to a head soon, with both sides finding a way forward after the PM assured he would not use the ISA against DSAI. This plus the release of YB Teresa Kok are signs that Badawi and the BN/Umno regime grip on power are already be crumbling. The momentum is certainly with DSAI and Pakatan Rakyat to come to power.

The following is a contribution by Choon Heng titled THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BUSINESS AND POLITICS.

The difference between business and politics

In business, if you fail, you can always succeed elsewhere.
In politics, if you fail, you will be succeeded.

In business, if you loose money, you can always gain later.
In politics, if you loose money, your opponent will gain support.

In business, when scandalous headlines happen, your company prosper. In politics, when scandalous headlines happen, your party will topple.

In business, if you made mistakes, you have to compensate to the max.
In politics, if you made mistakes, you proposed compassionate tax.

In business, the public accepts your justifications if it makes them money.
In politics, the public accepts your resignation to make them happy.

In business, people forgive and forget your past.
In politics, people give all to track down your past.

In business, nobody is above you when you made a decision.
In politics, everybody is over you when you made a statement.

In business, retirement plans means coming back as an advisor.
In politics, retirement plans means surrendering to your adversary.

Meanwhile Antimamak has this interesting video clip on DPM Najib Razak

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If in Malaysia, the Polis DiRaja Malaysia (Royal Malaysian Police) is a tool of the BN/Umno regime, in Singapore the Polis Republik Singapura (Republic of Singapore Police) is a tool of the PAP regime. Just as in Malaysia, the Police in Singapore harasses and detains anyone who dares to speak up against the oppressive PAP regime.

The following Article was contributed by Jeff Goh

The picture (above) of the Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong cycling away at a PAP Community Foundation (PCF) event last month immediately reminded many Singaporeans of the ban imposed on a similar cycling event mooted by the Workers' Party last year. Adverse comments about what appears to be bias on the part of the police have been made on a number of blogs.

Asked by the Workers' Party last year why they weren't allowed to proceed with their plan, Senior Minister of State for Home Affairs Ho Peng Kee argued that outdoor party events with politicians in them posed a potential law and order threat.

Speaking to Parliament on 27 August 2007, Ho said, "When you have an event organised by a political party, that may have a greater potential for law and order problem, because you may be behaving well but there may be other people who may disagree with your point of view and there could be quarrels and debates on the ground, attracting other people."

So why was PCF allowed its cycling event this year? Ho said the difference in treatment was because the recent event with the prime minister in it was not organised by a political party, but by a charity foundation.

But "if we are concerned about Singaporeans causing a scene and confronting politicians, is it not artificial to draw that distinction between the PAP and PCF?" Nominated member of Parliament Eunice Olsen asked.

Ho tried to reiterate that unlike the Workers' Party, the PCF was a registered charity, and anyway, "the PCF has remained completely non-political since its set-up in 1986."

A typical kindergarten or child care centre run by the PCF. There are dozens of them throughout Singapore. Frankly, in no way does that satisfactorily answer her question, which was whether the distinction was artificial. After all, as she pointed out, the PCF explicitly declares on its website that it is an arm of the People's Action Party (PAP), and its logo incorporates the parent party's logo. Everybody knows the PCF is part of the PAP.

Unsurprisingly, Ho did not concede the point. However, Singaporeans would be able to see it clearly: The police had acted in a politically partisan way.

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Prime Minister Abdulah Badawi has rejected the call to have an Emergency Session of Parliament according to Malaysiakini. It rather obvious that Badawi knows that his regime will not survive a Motion of No Confidence in Parliament as he knows Pakatan Rakyat Leader YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has the sufficient number of MP's to bring about a regime change in this country. This whole issue of regime change can be put to rest if Badawi allows the Emergency Session of Parliament. As it stands, it is Badawi, his government and the Police who are causing instability in the country.

This Scribe believes that the time has come for His Majesty Sultan Mizan to intervene to settle this matter once and for all so that stability can return to this country. Should His Majesty find that the claim of DSAI that he has got enough MPs to form the government to be true, then he should tell Badawi to tender his resignation.

On another note, Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar is talking about a Race Relations Act when former de facto Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim exposed to the whole world that the BN/Umno regime is racist. This is another attempt in 'window dressing' to deceive the Rakyat (People). You can bet the spineless non Malay Ministers in the BN regime like Ng Yen Yen, Liow Tiong Lai, Bernard Dompok et al will be singing praises of the Government for introducing this Act.

The following Article is contributed by Melissa SiewMoi. The Scribe finds this Article appropriate considering the situation the Abdullah Badawi's BN/Umno regime finds itself in.

PART ONE - Applying "Game Theory" to “The last few days of a dying regime”

The Nobel Prize in economics for 2005 has been awarded to Robert J Aumann and Thomas C Schelling for their contributions to the theory of games. The award is in recognition of the centrality of game theory to economics and social sciences in general.

Basically "Game Theory" tries to explain why human beings don't behave in a rational manner that conventional economic theory demand of the human race. Game Theorists assumed that people act according to what they think their opponents will do.

Quote: Assuming YOU are standing at the edge of a cliff, chained by the ankle to SOMEONE and only ONE of you will get a large prize, as soon as the other gives in. How do you persuade the other guy to give in, when the only method at your disposal: threatening to push him off the cliff -- would doom both?
Answer: You start dancing, closer and closer to the edge. That way, you don't have to convince him that you would do something totally irrational: plunge him and yourself off the cliff. You just have to convince him that you are prepared to take a higher risk than he is of accidentally falling off the cliff. If you can do that, you win.

You have done it by using probability to divide a seemingly indivisible threat. And a smaller threat can be more effective than a bigger one. A threat to drag both of you off the cliff is not credible. A threat to take a 60 percent chance of that same thing might be credible.

This puzzler is from "Games and Strategy," taught by Thomas Schelling, who was awarded a Nobel Prize for Economics in 2005 which honors his role as one of the godfathers of game theory by applying it to real life. He striped away irrelevant detail and exposing situations ranging from the Cold War nuclear standoff to a family's decision about what to have for dinner as stark dramas of warring self-interest. This was game theory.

Classical economic analysis generally assumes that we each take the world as we find it. We can "maximize" our own "utility" in any circumstances, but the circumstances are a given. Game theory was born to deal with interdependence: situations where what I do depends on what you do, and what you do depends on what I do. That, of course, would cover almost all situations.

For example, what is the best way for two kids to divvy up a candy bar? The answer is easy: I cut and you choose, or vice versa. Why is this the best? Because, like free-market economics generally, it channels self-interest to serve the general interest. The cutter will split the bar as close to evenly as possible, because the chooser will get the benefit of any obvious disparity. You can apply this kind of thinking to a dozen people dividing a large pie, or 300 million people trying to govern themselves.

Economics is the social science that is closest to being a real science. It starts out with a few plausible assumptions about human motives and behavior (basically, that people act rationally in their own self-interest) and derives from them an impressive array of "laws" about the future. There's nothing economists like better than to show how someone who seems to be behaving irrationally, or at least is marching to drummers unconnected to rationality one way or another, is actually maximizing utility like, well, mad.

Madness can be wickedly rational. If one of those two guys on the cliff can convince the other that he is just a bit “mad” and makes his threat to drag them both off the cliff much more plausible. [Pretension of insanity could actually be a purposeful strategy to enhance deterrent power of mutual destruction— plunge both off the cliff.]

Another game theory anomaly: Weakness is strength. If you cannot do something, you cannot be forced to do it. A bus driver who cannot open the change box, even at gunpoint, is safer than a bus driver who can.

During the Cold War nuclear standoff, the challenge for both sides (USA and Soviet Union) was to make a fundamentally irrational threat seem believable. Why would you start a nuclear war when the almost-certain result would be your own destruction? Why would you even reply to a first strike by the other side with a strike of your own?

The classic game theory insight was that your own safety depended on not being too strong. [The other side had to be confident that it could survive and retaliate if you went first. Otherwise, in a crisis, it would be sorely tempted to go first.]End Quote

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

malaysiakini- reported that Deputy police chief Ismail Omar (picture above) issued a stern warning against anyone 'speculating' and 'spreading rumours' of a government takeover. He claimed that such talks threatens to national security. This sounds like the same line PM Abdullah Badawi gave yesterday about YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim being a threat to national security. Well, The Scribe has this to ask Mr. Deputy IGP.

What makes you so sure that the talk of the impending takeover of the Federal Government is a rumor? Don't you realize that we live in a democracy and as such we are free to speculate and discuss whatever theories we may have on the country's political future. How the heck did you become the nation's No. 2 Cop?

It is statements that's coming from your mouth, Badawi and Hamid Albar that is creating instability in the country and scaring away potential investors. Why don't you go after anti National elements like PEWARIS, GAPENA, GPMS, the Malaysian Muslim Consumers Association and trouble makers such as Khir Toyo and Ahmad Ismail. These are the people who are doing great damage to this nation's stability and security.

Remember Ismail, we the Rakyat, pay your salary and not Umno. You may be right in one area though, such talk of a Government takeover will only cause instability to BN and Umno and not the country. As far as the Rakyat (People) is concerned, they have long passed a vote of No Confidence on the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM).

Badawi himself has chicken out in wanting to allow an Emergency Session of Parliament. He knows DSAI has the numbers to get a vote of no confidence to boot him out. Even big mouth Home Minister Hamid Albar has tried to deflect questions on whether DSAI will be charged under the ISA. Albar looks very worried.

This Scribe believes now is the time for His Majesty to step in. If DSAI has the number, His Majesty should ask Badawi to step down and ask DSAI to to form the Government.

If Malaysia still holds to the principles and spirit of a Constitutional Monarchy with a Parliamentary Democracy, if Badawi does not acknowledge and accept the Formal Declaration of the Leader of the Opposition that he now Commands the Majority of the MPs of the Dewan, all DSAI has to do is to seek an Audience with the Yang DiPertuan Agong immediately, to appoint him as the Prime Minister designate or Caretaker Prime Minister before fresh General Elections is called.
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According to -malaysiakini- , Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi accused Pakatan Rakyat Leader YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim for causing foreign investors and fund managers to shun Malaysia. Badawi added that he considers DSAI as a threat to national security. Such a statement from the PM indicates that he may be planning to use the ISA to detain DSAI.
In an immediate response, HINDRAF has emailed to The Scribe (via their support for YB Datuk Seri Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat to takeover the Federal Government and also voiced their opposition to the ISA being used on DSAI.
HINDRAF has also emailed a letter that was sent to the Prime Minister expressing concern to the killings of six ethnic Indians by the Police. HINDRAF wants an urgent implementation of the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission [IPCMC].

Brief Statement 17th September 2008

HINDRAF urges its supporters to remain calm and focussed in the wake of the new threat of the use of ISA against opposition leader Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim.
It is highly likely that the Government which is led by the bully and fascist UMNO would resort to every trick possible to stay on power even at the expense of violating the Federal Constitution and the cardinal principals of Rule of Law. The threat of the use of ISA on grounds of Economic and National Security resembles a similar foundation laid on HINDRAF and its leaders and supporters on 5th December 2007, which saw unfounded malicious allegations of links with the terrorists' organisations especially the LTTE which eventually led to the arrest of 4 lawyers under the ISA.

HINDRAF fully supports the attempt by Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim to take over the helm of the country, which has seen serious erosion of public confidence and International Respect, which this beloved country once enjoyed.

HINDRAF would commit itself to do everything possible at the International arena and lobby support from International bodies and Governments should the UMNO led Government resort to unlawful measures to curb the legitimate Constitutional take over of Pakatan Government led by Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

HINDRAF urges all 12 remaining coalition partners within Barisan National to immediately withdraw support to the premiership of Dato Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and/or any other likely UMNO leader who might take over the helm under the current circumstances. They should never be part of the UMNO agenda of destroying this beautiful and democratic country.

P.Waytha Moorthy

Currently in London.
9.14pm Malaysian Time.


Prime Minister of Malaysia
Block Utama,
Bangunan Perdana Putra
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan, Email:
62502 Putrajaya
Tel: 03 8888 8000
Fax: 03 8888 3444



Re: (1) Malaysian Police murders six ethnic minority Indians in one day under the UMNO
controlled Prime Minister Badawi's Leadership.

(2) Urgent implementation of the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission [IPCMC].

We refer to the above matter and to the local media reports that six ethnic minority Indians had been murdered by being shot dead by the Malaysian police all in one day. [TV3 news bulletin at 8.00pm on 03/09/08]. At the last count even as late as December 2007 the worst record as monitored by us was 1.3 such murders by being shot dead in every week with 60% of the victims being Indians. After protests, international lobby, public campaigns etc, the police stopped completely in 2006, restricted such shootings to Indonesians in 2007 and are now targeting the ethnic minority Indians yet again.

The police standard form fills in the blank version that they saw the suspects behaving suspiciously, followed them, the suspects shot at the police, the police shot back killing all the suspects and occasionally one or two [police informers] escaping, none of the policemen injured or shot at and neither the police car hit with the suspect's bullets is obsolete and perhaps is still acceptable in Rwanda, Bosnia or Darfur.

We hereby demand that your goodself order the immediate halt to this shoot to kill policy as we have the rule of law, a system of Justice and Courts to put these suspects on trial and find them guilty if so.

It is not for the police to assume the role of Judges, Jury, Prosecutor and Executioner and take the law into their own hands and go around murdering suspects with impunity as if they are above the law.

We hereby call for the prosecution for murder of the policemen murdering these six Indians and all such cases.

We also call for the urgent formation and implementation of the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission which is long outstanding.

In the case of deceased D. Loganathan (33) his father has vouched that he has no criminal record, married with three children aged 8 months, 3 and 5 years and the sole bread winner. Who is going to feed his children now? [NST 04/09/08 Page 11].

In a related arrest the police even arrested and remanded two children aged 13 & 17 together with their parents. Kindly take the necessary action and notify us accordingly.

Thank you,

Yours faithfully,

P. Waytha Moorthy
[Chairman – Currently in London]
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The following is a letter sent to brother Blogger Ahiruddin Atan @ RockyBru by Denney Wong which touches on the Era of collaborative 'politics' and the empowerment of each individual. Denny wants to know your thoughts on this and whether you are interested to collaborate to take this further.

Hello Ahirudin,

I am writing to you not because of your role as Protem President of the National Alliance of Bloggers (All-Blogs)(As I ignore what does this stand for) But rather as a person (fellow malaysian) to another malaysian.I don't expect you to agreed, disagreed or even reply at all. But I do hope to have 5 minutes of your time to read this email, the rest is up to you.We (as simple citizen) are appalled by the current economic and political situation of our country. Even more important what the future holds for our children and country.

We will not be a bystander and let the event takes it owncourse. I believe that each individual person can make a different. Kudos to what the different Malaysian Bloggers have achieved so far.I would like to believe that time is ripe for collaborative politic (back to basic) where power is at the hand of each individual andnot government or political party. The traditional power pyramid will/have being inverse - where the bottom of thepyramid yield sufficient power to lead the 'top' of the pyramid. This should be/is the essence of democracy.( however, the flaw of democracy is that it is never fair, because it assume we are all playing at a level playing field. which is not always the case....)Anyway, today this era is made possible by technology (internet), a growing number of 'emancipated'(maturing mind and knowledge)' of citizen and current 'desperate' situation. This is marked by the growing group of blogger.

However, as you know the challenge of such collaborative interaction is that each individual are free to do what they want/believe in. Hence, the challenge is to 'focus' or orient the different effort to ensure that the 'majority' is working together/toward ONE similar goal.To cut it short, I believe the time is ripe to structure such effort to channel this 'energy' (reduce the waste of energy from each individual) to build the future of Malaysia. I believe we can do thisby 'creating' a formal/informal group that do not have any political, race or religion biases with only ONE objective that is move the country forward. Where the support/legit is so important that it can influence the direction of the country (or any government or political party).

This can be some sort of think tank or NGO(what ever make sense) where ideas, new policy, project are debated/voted/clarify - by the individual citizen (free from any hidden agenda, etc..). The idea is to start this at a grass root level with the blogger community. I will send the same each to different active blogger. Let me know your thoughts on this and whether you are interested to collaborate to take this further?
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