Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cops grill rapper Namewee

Cops grill rapper Namewee

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 23 - Wee Meng Chee, also known as Namewee, was questioned by police today over the controversial 'Negaraku-ku' rap video he released on youtube last year.

Wee travelled from his hometown of Muar with his parents at 10.30 this morning to see officers from the cybercrime unit of the Commercial Crimes Division. He finished just before 2pm.

"They only questioned me about the song. I was asked to translate it from Hokkien to Bahasa Malaysia," said Wee, who had no legal representation. Asked why it took so long, he said: "It's a long song..."

"They are just doing their job. My job is to make music and their job is to catch people," said the 25-year-old mass communication graduate from Taiwan’s Ming Chuan University.

Wee Meng Chee with his parents, Ong Kwang Fang (mother) and Wee Ann See (father) walking out of the Commercial Crimes Division building at Jalan Dato Onn. — Picture by Choo Choy May
Kamarudin Md Din, assistant director of the cybercrime unit, said the case was being investigated under the Sedition Act. He said they had almost wrappped up the case and would refer it to the A-G's Chambers for further action.

Several quarters had condemned Wee for mocking the national anthem and asked that he be detained under the Sedition Act. Wee, who denied he had any ill intentions, issued a public apology.

"I love my country and would never do anything to put it in a bad light," he said today.

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written by iamamalaysian, September 23, 2008

although some people think he's innocent, i stil think he deserves to be punished for what he did. he mocked our national anthem in front of millions of people. there are millions of songs in this world, y did he chose negaraku? bad move . bt i think to charge him under the sedition act might be a little harsh as he had apologised for his mistakes. i think he should be given counselling and maybe just pay a fine or somethig instead of going to jail or charged in court. many other people who are worse than him got scot free. i'm sure he really didnt mean it. he's a teenager. teenagers makes mistakes in order to for them to learn from it.
-6 ...
written by YC, September 23, 2008

is the art and creativity dead?

Why is our politician so insecure to different form of expression? The next thing we know any deviant writing of children books will be a crime.
+0 Truth is an offense.
written by candidmen, September 23, 2008

Well, to err is human! People make mistake, sages made mistakes too! AAB, Syed Hamid, everybody our so-called leaders are making mistakes much more serious that any decent rakyat! The difference is, when we harmless rakyat make some little blunder, they will say we are blog terrorists, a profession they self invented, and they will dog-chain us with all kinds of law, draconian law, no law then law of jungle to make sure they put you away and scare you until you lost your capability to speak and do anything disfavor to them! Whereas their mistakes made, they always have the alibi to prove that it's not their mistakes or it's no mistake at all, according to their law of jungle!

Namee the young chap, hot blooded as usual to his age, tend to have emotions and he released his emotions through some creative and harmless way. Not like the real terrorists, when they want to show their emotions, they show by sending suicide bombers to visit you! What he showed in his video was merely the true daily lives that we encounter in our beloved Nation, didn't every Malaysian gave a nod and a wink while enjoying the video clip ?! Perhaps Namewee was too young that he neglected one facts of life, the facts in our local culture is you should not tell the truths as telling truths is an offense in the land of lies! After this incidence, Namewee will learn!

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