Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How to show your support to RPK?

How to show your support to RPK?

Posted by Super Admin
Wednesday, 24 September 2008 15:32

Dear friends of RPK,

A man who has stood up for truth and justice in Malaysia has now been incarcerated for two years without trial and with no hope for release, save at the pleasure of our Home Minister.

The time has come for Malaysians to stand up and be counted; to send a signal both to the authorities that we will not be cowered and that we stand by our man; to send a signal to each other that we are not alone, and to show our strength to one and all.

The time has come to act.

We compile here a number of actions that every Malaysian citizen can do in protest of the ISA, and to express their hope for a better Malaysia. It is imperative in this crucial moment that we keep up the momentum, lest RPK be forgotten like the rest of the ISA detainees.

Fly the Malaysian flag anywhere and everywhere possible (car, house, desk, body)
Drive with your headlights on in the day
Go bald (send pictures to MT Team)

There are a number of other activities that can also be done, all of which will help RPK:

Wear Free RPK T-shirts (coming soon!)
Hold Candlelight vigils (send pictures to MT Team)

Sign online petitions (click here to sign)
Flood the authorities with phone calls, faxes, etc (click here for more details)
Send greeting cards to ISA detainees in Kamunting

email MT Team : admin (dot) mtoday (at) gmail (dot) com
postal address of ISA detainess : Tempat Tahanan Perlindungan, 34600 Kamunting, Taiping, Perak MALAYSIA


MalaysiaToday Team - 24 Sept 2008

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written by samesamemam, September 24, 2008 15:35:50

the correct address is:
Y.M. Raja Petra Kamarudin

Tempat Tahanan Perlindungan,
34600 Kamunting,
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written by samesamemam, September 24, 2008 15:37:37

also send letters to the UN, ASEAN, EU, AI, all diplomatic missions in the country...
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written by erin, September 24, 2008 15:40:25

thanks samesamemam, for the correct postcode.
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written by Task Force 101, September 24, 2008 15:41:16

Boycott all GLCs such as Maybank, CIMB, Petronas, Celcom etc.

Close all business accounts and transfer all business to non-GLC companies like HSBC, Shell, Digi etc

We stand united against this despotic government.

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written by sjs, September 24, 2008 15:41:28

My Indian and Chinese Brothers and Sisters,

For once I speak to you as an Indian, who believes in multiracialism, and deeply love this country, Malaysia!

The time has come that we have to ask ourselves truly today; whether we are really the kind of human-beings that Raja Petra has fought so hard for! Have we forgotten the words spoken by him! If we did, then let us remind each other again:

“And ask the Malays in the opposition to come out in defence of their non-Malay brothers and sisters and warn the Umno Malays, in no uncertain terms, that they take to the streets at the risk of facing fellow Malays from the opposition who will defend their non-Malay brethren to the last drop of their blood. I, for one, am ready to stand by my Chinese and Indian comrades. So let Umno be warned.”

We have to ask ourselves whether we have been vocal enough to voice our concerns for the immediate release of Raja Petra?
We have to ask ourselves whether we too have fallen into the racism trap which has been the hallmark of UMNO members?

We have to ask ourselves, whether we have done enough in getting Raja Petra released?
We have to ask ourselves whether we are really worthy of his defence of our rights?
We have to ask ourselves whether our battle to fight these draconian laws have already stopped?

Let us be worthy to the cause of our struggle! Let us not be branded as Chinese and Indian, who will care only of their own kinds! Let us stand up together and be heard once and for all that we too will fight against any Malay or non- Malay and defend the rights of our Muslim brothers who have been victimized time and again for the noble cause which they have so vehemently championed!
Let us show that we too are made of steel and will fight till the end to bring Raja Petra out of the dungeon of cruelty! Let us all be counted upon!

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written by sjs, September 24, 2008 15:44:04

Syed Hamid Albar,

Release the following 64 ISA detainees immediately!
Charge them in open court!
Release them from the animal cage!

Yazid Sufaat, Suhaimi Mokhtar, Dr Abdullah Daud, Shamsuddin Sulaiman, Mat Shah Mohd Satray, Abdul Murad Sudin, Zaini Zakaria, Zainun Rashid, Wan Amin Wan Hamat, Sulaiman Suramin, Sufian Salih, Mohd Khaider Kadran, Hasim Talib, Zakaria Samad, Ahmad Zakaria, Terhamid Dahalan, Abdul Rahman Ahmad, Mahfudi Saifudin, Mulyadi, Arifin, Mat Tarmizi Zakaria, Artas Burhanudin, Francis Indanan, Mohd Nazri Dollah, Mohd Arsad Patangari, Adzmi Pindatun, Idris Lanama, Aboud Ghafar Shahril, Jeknal Adil, Binsali Omar, Husin Alih, Yussof Mohd Salam, Ahmad Jamal Azahari, Pakana Selama, Kasem Dayama, Shaykinar Guat, Argadi Andoyok, Ng How Chuang, Ng Keat Seng, Mohd Azuan Aniffa, Mohd Faizol Shamsuddin, Zulfikli Abu Bakar, Zulfikli Marzuki, Amir Hussain, Mohd Nasir Ismail, Ahmad Kamil Hanafiah, Muh Amir Hanafiah, Tan Choon Chin, Mavalavan, Lian Kok Heng, Sundaraj Vijay, San Khaing, Shadul Islam, Abdul Sattar Sarjoon, Faycal Mamdouh, Mohamad Nakhrakhel, Muhammad Shuaib Hazral Bilal, Muhammad Zahid Zahir Shah, T Vasanthakumar, P Uthayakumar, R Kenghadharan, V Ganabatirau, M Manoharan


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written by Dora, September 24, 2008 15:49:46



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written by ScuZziE, September 24, 2008 16:10:02


Why your husband, when you can do-it-yourself?
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written by ahmadneil, September 24, 2008 16:10:22

Don't refuel at Petronas Station.
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written by ahmadneil, September 24, 2008 16:11:56

Wear cap with'DOWN WITH ISA'.
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written by Kingsley, September 24, 2008 16:13:32

ALL Malaysian...Stand up and be counted.
Do you little part. Make your little contributions. TAKE ACTION.
You have been silent for 50 over years. This monster was CREATED by our silence.
It is time to ACT.
We DESERVE better.
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written by ahmadneil, September 24, 2008 16:14:02

Every saturday nite is 'FREE RPK' nite with the first drink free for those who wear Free RPK T shirt.
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written by Newkidonblog, September 24, 2008 16:14:20

Maybe it's also time to withdraw all my savings from CIMB!
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written by Flex65, September 24, 2008 16:21:05

I have said before, we have to hit them where it will hurt. Will someone please list down the organizations that we should boycott. For those working in the organization, I can only say sorry, please leave as soon as you can. For those holding their stocks throw as soon as you can because you will lose more later. Will someone please list down the names of the organizations. Please be accurate as we do not want to hurt the innocents.
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written by indianputra, September 24, 2008 16:25:32

I think we are getting our priorities screwed up in here. It is NOT important that we show our support for RPK. He knows that very well. What is important is to get him out of ISA by all means.

By sending him cards, wearing T-Shirts, going bald etc. is NOT going to get RPK out of ISA. What is required is to get each of our MP's involved in this. Get them to speak to BN leaders, the infamous Syed Albar and the IGP/Police etc. Tell them that these MP's are representing the Rakyat and if they are not prepared to listen to the Rakyat, they are OUT in the next elections.

Let us be more action oriented than being passive!
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written by farah, September 24, 2008 16:26:25

sjs, with you.

PM Badawi, i was there at the forum and how i/we saw the distressed and sad wifes of (2) ISA detainees gave their speech and with (1) child tags along. We shed our tears so were they.

PM Badawi, on top of having enough sins you have earned additional sins during the holy month of ramadhan(1429)

You may be a politician, country premier but you have missed one point: Law & Order, don't have respect for Malaysians.

Please its about time you 'pass the baton' to MALAYSIAN CHOICE rather than your choice, which is A BIG DISASTER AHEAD, please return our country to us WE MADE OF ALL RACES.

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written by Mag M, September 24, 2008 16:31:59

Will do as much as I can to show support. Where can I get the RPK t-shirts? Don't want it for free. Want to pay for it and let the profit help RPK and his family and any bloggers detained who need help. Let us not forget that their families are suffering too and might need financial help.
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written by ahmadneil, September 24, 2008 16:34:08

Super admin,always remind MT bloggers and readers of RPK's date of going to Kamunting.Every month we will do something to remember this date.Keep it alive.
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written by Kuku Burung, September 24, 2008 16:36:37

May I suggest, apart from flooding the PM's office with phone calls to free RPK, we flood the PM Raya open house this Hari Raya with cards of protest when we see him. We can still gobble the food and at the same time issue our strongest protest.
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written by fergie, September 24, 2008 16:44:12

THANK YOU, Team MT. I note your suggested actions in support of our dear RPK and will notify friends and family. I look forward to the T-shirts and am willing to donate something in support. I am from Penang and hope I can place an order to be sent. God Bless all of you. May God give RPK and his family strength in their hour of need. JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL!!
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written by Capt Siva, September 24, 2008 16:45:25

I have a small proposal.
Could the MT Team organize a way to have public mass shaving of heads and the application of a temporary (say lasting 2 months) tatoo on the shaven head saying "FREE RPK". The people participating will pay, say RM50 for the shave and tatoo. The money after what is due to the barber is paid out can be used towards the RPK Fund. I cannot get the tatoo template because I do not know where to get it and it's not feasible for one person. It makes sense to get it for thousands of men. CAN YOU DO THIS.

If I carry the message on my head, that to me is the best indicator of how i feel. I'm sure many more men will agree.
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written by mvivek, September 24, 2008 16:56:49

We must all boycott all government sponsored open houses this Raya and also explain to foreigners the reasons behind this decision. Speak to everybody you know or whom you have just met and let them know the atrocities of this government.
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written by Wisdom above, September 24, 2008 17:00:58

Since cannot fly flag upside down, I will not fly one at all.

But I will drive my car with head- lights on during the day as a sign of protest starting today after work.

I will do it until RPK and other ISA detainees are freed unconditionally.

My salute to all Peacemakers.

Syabas Barisan Rakyat.
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written by Melgy, September 24, 2008 17:01:58

I Agree with Capt Siva.

It is definately a good idea.
I have informed my collgues regarding the actions
that they can take.

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written by Bloodhound, September 24, 2008 17:26:06

MT team,

Flooding the streets with supporters wearing RPK T-shirts and caps would be a great idea. This measure will cause widespread interest throughout the nation and will be very much a breaking news sensation - therefore, more free publicity and more awareness nationally and also internationally.

Once the polticians sees seas of RPK supporters, they will note the widespread support that he enjoys. Nothing hurts the politicians more than ongoing bad publicity!

Another spin-off from this measure will be that the proceeds from sales can be used to finance legal expenses and also to assist those families of ISA detainees who are in need of help.

The T-Shirts and Caps can be easily and cheaply posted to any locations within Malaysia and overseas (we have lots of support from overseas). The items needs to be sold at a reasonable profit in order to be able to finance legal expenses and family assistance.

I am quite sure there are lots of supporters who would like to help but are unable to because of distance, timing or commitments. This way, the protest can be ongoing 24hrs/day, 365 days per year national wide and internationally - at minimal cost and fuss and can be done on top of or in conjunction with other more direct measures.
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written by Flex65, September 24, 2008 17:28:36

Boycott any open house for this raya. Station a photographer outside to take picture of who go in and publish them here so that we know who is not with us. This way we can put the government people to shame. Imagine the open house by the prime minister without people. How is he going to face the world? Maybe he would not dare to have open house this year after reading this with the excuse of cutting cost.

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