Sunday, September 21, 2008

“No repeal or review of ISA” – will all MCA, Gerakan, Umno and BN Ministers/leaders “blindly accept” Hamid’s decision?

« “Abolish ISA” forum in KL Tuesday“No repeal or review of ISA” – will all MCA, Gerakan, Umno and BN Ministers/leaders “blindly accept” Hamid’s decision?
Home Minister, Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar has shown utter disrespect and contempt for Barisan Nasional Ministers and leaders who had been calling for repeal or review of the draconian and nefarious detention-without-trial law, the Internal Security Act (ISA), when he summarily and categorically declared in Johor Baru yesterday that the ISA will not be reviewed or repealed.

Only yesterday, MCA President Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting announced that the MCA had enough of Umno political hegemony and “will not blindly accept every decision made by BN without being consulted”.

He said:

“It is only proper to have a discussion with the parties in the coalition before a decision or policy is made. That is what you call sharing of power and it is in line with the BN spirit…

“However, at times we were not kept in the loop when certain decisions were made. If a decision was made without the knowledge of the MCA, then it is not fair to use BN’s motto of ‘Friendship and Unity’ (Kesetiakawanan).”

Hamid’s contemptuous dismissal of calls for repeal or review of the ISA is an open slap in the face for Barisan Nasional Ministers and leaders who had been making such proposals, including the MCA Central Committee which had expressed disagreement with the recent spate of ISA arrests and demanded the release of Raja Petra Kamaruddin.

Are the four MCA Ministers united in their condemnation of the use of ISA against RPK, DAP MP for Seputeh Teresa Kok and Sin Chew Daily reporter Tan Hoon Cheng?

If so, the four MCA Ministers, together with other Umno and BN Ministers who had spoken out against the ISA like the Foreign Minister, Datuk Seri Dr. Rais Yatim, should censure Hamid at the next Cabinet meeting for two reasons:

1. for allowing the police to misuse their powers in invoking the ISA against the trio, RPK, Teresa Kok and Tan Hoon Cheng, on completely unjustifiable grounds totally unrelated to national security, subversion or organised violence, especially wnen there are adequate laws in the land to deal with whatever offences the police could level against the trio; and

2. For showing utter disrespect and contempt for other BN Ministers and leaders (particularly from the MCA but also including from Umno) who had called for repeal or review of the ISA by pre-empting any such possibility without any prior consultation with his announcement that there will be neither repeal nor review of ISA!

Will there be any Minister left in the Cabinet who is prepared to put his political future on the line like Datuk Zaid Ibrahim by demanding that he or she would resign from the Cabinet unless it decides on Wednesday to repeal or review the ISA?

In his interview with New Sunday Times, Hamid quoted the former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, who had said when he was Prime Minister “that if any of the cabinet members did not support a collective decision, then the best thing to do was to resign from the government.”

Is Hamid suggesting that the MCA Ministers and MCA whose central committee had called for the release of RPK and the review of ISA; Parti Gerakan whose leaders have voiced objection to ISA and the arrests; and Umno Foreign Minister Rais Yatim who yesterday called for a review of ISA, should resign from the Cabinet and even leave the Barisan Nasional for their divergence from the “official line” on ISA?

Any response from the Ministers and leaders of MCA, Gerakan, Umno and BN to Hamid’s contemptuous dismissal of their calls for repeal or review of ISA?

(Speech at the Head-Shaving Protest by 18 Malaysian defenders of human rights over the unjust and undemocratic ISA detention of Raja Petra Kamaruddin, Hindraf 5 and other ISA detainees organized by Selangor DAP at KL-Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall on Sunday, 21st September 2008 at 11 am)


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53 Responses to ““No repeal or review of ISA” – will all MCA, Gerakan, Umno and BN Ministers/leaders “blindly accept” Hamid’s decision?”
pulau_sibu Says:

Today at 14: 33.15 (4 hours ago)
These BN component parties and ministers should resign as protest. Get out of BN and let UMNO collapse as punishment.

May I know the stand of the SUPP? Why SUPP has been so quiet?

Mr Smith Says:

Today at 14: 33.26 (4 hours ago)
These MCA eunuchs only ‘talk big’ to their own members as though they mean business. But when they face UMNO they turn into harmless pet poodles that whine in silnce.

smeagroo Says:

Today at 14: 34.46 (4 hours ago)
THANK YOU Syed Hermit Apa!

Thank you for giving two tight slaps to the goons like MCA, MIC and Gerakan on our behalf!


justice888 Says:

Today at 14: 40.31 (4 hours ago)
Now, how is Gerakan playing their meaningful role here? Accept and keep quiet or leave Barisan and uphold their dignity? Knowing the self-interest that this people have, most likely they’ll keep quiet and hope for some crumbs from UMNO.

KennyGan Says:

Today at 14: 43.39 (3 hours ago)
“However, at times we were not kept in the loop when certain decisions were made. If a decision was made without the knowledge of the MCA, then it is not fair to use BN’s motto of ‘Friendship and Unity’ (Kesetiakawanan).”

When was MCA, MIC and Gerakan ever in the decision making loop? All decisions are made by Umno and announced in the Cabinet unless it is trivial things like the price of chicken and roti canai.

Today, Samy Vellu again called for the release of Hindraf 5. When it comes to real issues, he’s just as powerless as Lim Kit Siang standing outside the gates of power shouting at the govt.

pulau_sibu Says:

Today at 14: 47.04 (3 hours ago)
>Internal Security Act to stay for now, says Syed Hamid
>JOHOR BARU: The Internal Security Act will not be reviewed or repealed for now, said Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar.

So who is in charge of BN government? No more Abdullah and no more other UMNO members or of course not including other component parties. Syed Hamid is the sole owner of UMNO and BN.

Mr Smith Says:

Today at 14: 52.46 (3 hours ago)
“MCA vice-president Datuk Ong Tee Keat today challenged DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang to prove his allegation that police reports lodged by members of an MCA division in Selangor had led to the detention of DAP’s Seputeh MP Teresa Kok under the Internal Security Act (ISA).”
(Malaysian Insider)

Well Kit, What say you. Expose the MCA scum who lodged the police report against Teresa.

john ak singgai Says:

Today at 15: 03.19 (3 hours ago)
DearYB LKS, your real threat is UMNOputras. Stop insulting and condenming those MPs and ministers from MCA SUPP GERAKAN and PBS, they are just hamba for UMNO only, why not make friend with them, win their hearts and encourage them to jump ship to become members of DAP or PR. Insulting your MCA and Gerakan friends will raise the anger of the non-umnoputras and….. those umnoputras will laugh cos mereka memang sentiasa menunggu orang lain berbalah kerana dengan itu mereka dapat meragut kebaikan dan keuntungan.
Beware and be alert!


Today at 15: 14.37 (3 hours ago)
This show the usual arrogance of BN Minister who has just refuse to consider any suggestion and willingness to hear why the reason so many people have oppose ISA. They can just no & no. They do not even want to consider any proposal as far as this act is usual for them to act to their advantages. This again proof once again their arrogance.

wahai kawan Says:

Today at 15: 15.17 (3 hours ago)
Dear Mr Lim,

Malaysian need to unblock their ways of thinking. Our minds are incarcerated, our most challenging obstacle to challenge. We need a paradigm shift…..

In fact most will conclude the theory of:-

Point 1 - The Boss is always right
Point 2 - If you want to argue with the Boss, please refer to point number 1.

A very good principle to follow. Nanti gaduh gaduh tada kerja lagi susah… Mau beli susu untuk anak pun jadi susah… i yoh !

Kalau itu kapal sudah mau tenggelam, kasi dia tengelam lah!

Tapa! This will make you stronger.

scorpian6666 Says:

Today at 15: 18.49 (3 hours ago)
I strongly believe there are not many like Syed or Ahmad in our system.
Remembering Gandhi “Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the State becomes lawless or, which is the same thing, corrupt.”

And with the inevitable fall of the BN-nism it’s the duty of those within the system, be it the Police, Military, teacher, law-maker to act now for the sake of our country, even if it meant “Civil disobedience” for a peaceful transition of Power !

pulau_sibu Says:

Today at 15: 31.46 (3 hours ago)
>Stop insulting and condenming those MPs and ministers from MCA SUPP GERAKAN and PBS, they are just hamba for UMNO only

don’t worry. They would like to die for umno. that is the fact they must realise in cooperating with umno

sang kancil Says:

Today at 15: 32.17 (3 hours ago)
MCA is just a running dog for the UMNOputras. All bark and no bite.
They are an embarrassment to the Chinese community and Malaysians.

homeblogger Says:

Today at 15: 36.40 (3 hours ago)
pulau_sibu said :

So who is in charge of BN government? No more Abdullah and no more other UMNO members or of course not including other component parties. Syed Hamid is the sole owner of UMNO and BN.


Isn’t it clear by now? The real Prime Minister is in Bukit Bendera. The real ISA director is also the former Selangor MB. Together, they aim to spew evil racist hatred into any weak mind who will listen.

AsalUsuLMalaysia Says:

Today at 15: 43.52 (2 hours ago)
Syed Hamid Albar, you must be mistaken this is MALAYSIA not ARAB country. Dictatorism doesn’t work here, look at the current country where ur family comes from.

Do you even understand the basic meaning Humans rights? In which group of these two you belongs to “Extremist” or “Liberal” Muslim Syed Hamid?

Democracy practice must learn the MEANING LIBERATION, not some extortionist trying to dictate and tell us what to do!

SOON before you know it, your whole component will make another roundup BLUR-BLUR Visa’s with Kim Jong-il insearch for Refuge in North Korea!

pulau_sibu Says:

Today at 15: 46.57 (2 hours ago)
>MCA is just a running dog for the UMNOputras. All bark and no bite.
Dogs that are kept as pets no longer bark even. so mca/Gerakan/supp must be umno’s pets

law1999 Says:

Today at 15: 47.44 (2 hours ago)
I think ISA stay as long as BN /UmnO is around So be patient and dont bark at MCA,MIC,GERAKAN.

Practice Patient,Endurance,Long Suffering,Peace Loving. EVERYTHING come to an END and So in BN=The Beginning fast coming to an End.

Just wait the clock is TICKING by the second saying is COMING to an END SOON. So Be HAPPY.

Food for thought Says:

Today at 15: 50.56 (2 hours ago)
With the ketuanan melayu concept being so dearly held by UMNO, MCA will have to keep on dreaming if any of the UMNO ministers will be listening. The whole world knows this, yet MCA is still in their slumber and denial mode. Likewise, the same can be said to the other coalition partners of BN.

Over the years, they have been known to be providing ‘lip service’ and would ‘kow tow’ the the whims and fancies of UMNO. The longer they stay in BN, the worst it will be for them. So, let them be and become IRRELEVANT.

gofortruth Says:

Today at 15: 51.50 (2 hours ago)
Anything these MCA leaders say for now is just to impress their grassroots to gain maximum votes in the up coming internal party election.

By their NO SHOW in the parliamentary caucus it proved beyond a shadow of doubt that these ministers in the cabinet are directly profaning the name of M”C”A. C for them = chickens! No wonder UMNO sees no need to consult nor inform them of ANY government decision on ANY issue. To UMNO, MCA is just a muted pet dog in the house.

How can you have chickens to lead the Chinese Association and they are for ever waiting for dismal handouts only a few weeks before a General election?

If MCA genuinely wants to reinvent themselves & be relevant, they will have to do more than just big talks!

pulau_sibu Says:

Today at 16: 02.01 (2 hours ago)
Alibaba business has been practised in boleh for long time. now i do see umno doing alibaba business by keeping mca/gerakan/mic/supp..etc, but not let them have a say. mca/supp would pick up small kantao whereas the big ones go to umno. mca/supp have to be grateful to umno for sharing the pie

baochingtian Says:

Today at 16: 12.18 (2 hours ago)
Has Botak’s announcement got the blessing from the cabinet? If not, affected party leaders should slap him back to wake him up for being arrogant and playing taichi in his reply pertaining to teresa’s arrest. How come we have such a person in the ministry creating chaos the moment he speaks - dulu externally, sekarang, internally pula.

baochingtian Says:

Today at 16: 16.42 (2 hours ago)
Political parties are always looking at the same size of pie without looking into expanding the piece of pie for the benefits of all, so the entrepreneurs suffer lah.

ipohMali Says:

Today at 16: 23.34 (2 hours ago)
Whenever MCA is kept in the loop… a balls will be thrown out… and off they go to fetch the balls. By the time they return.. walla.. decision had made and meeting over…

If not balls to fetch… the master will tell them.. SIT… SHUT-UP.. gooodddd… doggy…

UzMiNoOnist Says:

Today at 16: 44.34 (1 hour ago)
Why am I not surprised?

As long as BN still rules the country, ISA anak UMNO will be there even for another 50 years.

Stop hoping for BN MPs’ support. We should focus on building our own leaders.
There maybe some BN MPs that have some integrity, the rest are hopeless.

GE13 will wipe them out from the political surface of Malaysia.



p/s What happen to PM’s promise that petrol price will follow the world’s market. Since the last hike in price, the world price was USD142 per barrel, today it is USD 102 per barrel. This is almost 30% lower since then, our petrol price should at least to drop 30%.

Is the money being siphoned off to finance another submarine?

oct Says:

Today at 16: 44.50 (1 hour ago)
It will be the day when MCA, Gerakan or MIC will confront UMNO at BN supreme council meeting. As usual these 3 parties can say what they like outside BN supreme council meeting for it means nothing to BN. However during BN supreme council meeting, these 3 parties will be told to just sit and shut up!!!

The ’sky will have eyes’ if any of these 3 parties dare to bring up controversial issues at BN supreme council meeting. Don’t dream about it. Forget MCA Gerakan and MIC. They are there for show and nothing else. We have not seen any contribution from them for their respective race for the past 50 years, what can we expect them now? They only know how to enrich themselves and their parties through BN. Traitors of their own race!!!

UzMiNoOnist Says:

Today at 16: 45.30 (1 hour ago)
Now you see what we have always believed.

A vote for MCA is a Vote for UMNO

voice Says:

Today at 16: 48.35 (1 hour ago)
They will not “blindly accept”, but they are blind, and deaf.
And Ong Tee Keat is attacking you, uncle Lim, he is “demanding apology” from you.

baochingtian Says:

Today at 16: 49.27 (1 hour ago)
A little joke in town: “M*A carries a coconut and a botol (bottle) with them all the time.” Huh??? I was puzzled.
Well, a coconut sounds “ya” in hokkien/teochew and a botol sounds like “betul”. So to the old folks in town, M*A is like “ya, betul” “ya, betul” to the big brother named ummnooo.

MyFoot Says:

Today at 16: 53.07 (1 hour ago)
I received this message below fr a friend.

“Hi Friends, There is a lecture here about the Malay race.

It is politicians like the guy from Bukit Bendera and Dr MM that play up the issue of race. They divide the nation just to stay in power. Plain selfish.

Why are the the politicians harping on race. Mahathir’s father was from Kerala, India (Malay????); Badawi’s grandfather is from Sanya, Hainan, China; Hamid Albar’s father is Arab: Khir Toyo’s father (Joyo Erodikromo) is Javanese; the guy from Bukit Bendera came from Sumatra. Looks like everyone is a “pendatang”.

In my mind, they should be less utterances of race and religion so that more inter-marriages can occur. In Indonesia, there is no necessity to convert if you marry a Muslim. That’s great for integration and race relations.

Leaders must focus more on our similarities and shared destiny, rather than differences. We should integrate and unite together to make this a great nation. Everyone of us make have stake in this country. We must reject leaders who are racists.

sheriff singh Says:

Today at 17: 00.16 (1 hour ago)
Syed Hamid says the ISA arrests are “government decisions” so every one in the Cabinet is involved and is to be blamed. If any party is ignored or are not kept in the loop, they should ask Syed Hamid why there are ignored.

Perhaps there are just too many “little Napoleons” around with no “big” Napoleon in charge. He’s been castrated by the little ones, even by a little Divisional Napoleon. No wonder he’s Fallenaparte.

baoqingtian Says:

Today at 17: 00.54 (1 hour ago)
Why still stay in BN if they do not consult and listen to MCA? MCA should leave BN and join PKR so that they can play more important parts in decision making. I’m sure PKR will be glad to accept them. Why are they still wasting their time and continue to complaint of lack of representation in BN?

monsterball Says:

Today at 17: 06.33 (1 hour ago)
Useless to talk about MCA.
Just go and read Ong Ka-Ting…how he talk.
This is a typical China man attitude….25 years behind time….and is MCA President?
But he is like hand and gloves to UMNO ..25 years behind politicians.
So they are… as one.
When I read Ong Ka-Ting.. said….MCA must speak for Malaysians…I wonder what Malaysians is he talking about?
As long as Gerakan have Koh Tsu Koon and Lim Keng Yiak…they will stay in BN….to protect their personal interests.
And most of them are doctors …that know next to nothing about politics…except play nice guy image. Few pro Chinese…not Malaysians…therefore Gerakan is a racialist party….like MCA..but with more educated members. That’s the only difference.
Many good doctors have resigned…bless them.
Gerakan is a no balls …carrying UMNO balls…to survive.

sheriff singh Says:

Today at 17: 11.10 (1 hour ago)
MCA wants to to be kept in the loop, to be consulted and to know what the heck is going on.

Samy Vellu of MIC squeaked “Free Hindraf 5 from ISA”.

Gerakan wants a Parliamentary Committee on the ISA.

Syed Hamid says: “No repeal, no review”. In short: “NO”!!!

Guess who’s the boss.

baoqingtian Says:

Today at 17: 14.19 (1 hour ago)
These ministers are just afraid to lose their jobs,that’s all! Just imagine what jobs they’re going to hold if they leave BN. Without a high paid job, these 4 ministers will have a hard time maintaining their already posh lifestyle. So it is almost impossible for them to resign.

yhsiew Says:

Today at 17: 14.20 (1 hour ago)

UMNO only kowtow to you when they want you to win seats for them. After they get what they wanted, they don’t even bother to talk to you! UMNO didn’t bother to consult you when they ordered the arrest of RPK, Teresa Kok and Ms Tan Hoon Cheng under ISA. So, why not quit UMNO to be an independent party or join PR?

human1 Says:

Today at 17: 15.30 (1 hour ago)
1. MIC president today has urged the authority to free Hindraf 5, as they no longer threat to the nation security.

I am afraid his voice will be going into deaf ears. Home minister has made it clear, it is not up to anyone including the MIC president to argue whether the detainees still posing a threat or not. It is solely up to the police to make this decision and the detainees will be kept behind bars as long as they deemed a threat to national security, without the authority having to give further justification.

To resolve the check and balance issue, we should leave it to the house members to debate this act when parliament reconvenes or this will never ends.

Nevertheless, the statement from home minister has made the study of laws pertaining to equality, fairness, liberty and justice; for the sake of passing school exams. The ultimate solution in keeping peace and harmony in the country when situation arises, is jail lockup without having the need to examine the evidence.

There are too many issues that we should leave it to the MP to resolve, it is their job anyway.

2. Has the DAP advisor been making unconfirmed allegation that a MCA member had lodged police report against Seputeh MP, causing her to be held under the ISA detention?

Should this be proven the case, the DAP advisor should have the courage to apologize to MCA, for taking the opportunity to make the allegation before confirming its source.

Even the Seputeh MP had thanks MCA and BN components for their help in getting her out from ISA detention, as I understand correctly.

kutlakut Says:

Today at 17: 34.47 (1 hour ago)
quote: Only yesterday, MCA President Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting announced that the MCA had enough of Umno political hegemony and “will not blindly accept every decision made by BN without being consulted”. unquote.

Ohhh, come on fellas.

human1 Says:

Today at 17: 44.15 (57 minutes ago)
Good for MCA, for making known your principle. Other BN components, what is your stance, particularly in reference to ISA?

Samuel Goh Kim Eng Says:

Today at 17: 45.47 (55 minutes ago)

From greater awareness to actual action
Let’s heed the cry and call to the nation
To scrap whatever acts of the wrong notion
So that mankind will only keep the right portion

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 210908
Sun. 21st Sept. 2008.

rainmankl Says:

Today at 17: 45.57 (55 minutes ago)
To human1 Says

Even if DAP can proof it, what do you think MCA will do ?
Resign from BN.

Remember this is the same MCA guy who say a report will come out
regarding the 4.6 BILLLIONS Klang port thing when he was newly appointed to be in-charge after the election 2008.

That report shold be on my table last 4 months ago.

I don’t think you are following this blog well,nothing personal.

mendela Says:

Today at 17: 56.30 (45 minutes ago)

wanderer Says:

Today at 17: 57.23 (44 minutes ago)
Well MCA here is your golden opportunity to take the challenge up to the HM, show us you have ba*ls or forever be damned.
Has Malaysia got a new PM in Syed Hamid Albar?
Looks like, he is driving the broken BN cart…the situation appears to be free for all in UMNO.

Johnny Cheah Says:

Today at 18: 11.45 (29 minutes ago)
MCA can jump and shout as much as they want. But do you think UMNO bothers. It’s a long gone conclusion that MCA is the running dog for UMNO. For donkey years they are not able to really get things done for the Chinese. Yeah! Once in a while they do receive some tidbits from UMNO to hand out to the Chinese community. For that they feel the Chinese owes them a living. How many Chinese are MCA members? A million or less! What is the Chinese population? 5.5 million? or slightly more!.Go to the ground and ask the 5.5 million if they support the MCA. You will be surprise with the answers. Why are they still in BN? YOU KNOW THE ANSWER! A BIT OF TIDBITS ONCE IN A WHILE.

ktteokt Says:

Today at 18: 18.57 (22 minutes ago)
Has MCA ever bothered how the Chinese thinks! All it cares about is how UMNO thinks! It is all out to please UMNO and insult all CHINESE! Is such a political party taking the interest of Malaysian Chinese as priority?

just a moment Says:

Today at 18: 21.48 (19 minutes ago)
Lets put things in perspective even a child can understand.
Lets ask 3 simple questions about MCA, Gerakan, and MIC.
In Malaysia there only 2 main Political Component Parties.
1.For the Goment ( Show Progress & Lead )
2.Opposition ( Check & balance )

Q1: Which Group do MCA, MIC, Gerakan belongs?
Ans: For the Government

Q2: Are they able to lead or progress?
Ans: No and No

Q3: If Umno must go, Why should MCA, MIC, Gerakan be spare or remain?
Ans : ???????????

Remember Samy Vellu’s famous quote: “Either we swim or sink together.? “In this case, Ans: it oredi sank!

Listen, The ppl here still willing to give them a chance, asking even pleading them to Change and quickly support PKR, The only real life support is to support PKR.

What MCA,MIC,Gerakan are today has been established. They are slaves and dogs. The question is: Are they willing to continue being so or to try harder become a Perfect Slaves or A Perfect Dog. Thats all.

One more time. Mr MCA President Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting
Mr Koh Soo Koon Gerakan
Mr Samy Vellu MIC

Pls accept our invitation to join PKR? Before its too late.
Terima Kasih.

gofortruth Says:

Today at 18: 22.52 (18 minutes ago)
While we are busy here, they are working hard for the
Rm 11B for Nuclear energy project, just think about the size of the COMMISSION payable to SO and SO!!
Have they done an extensive study & survey on the subject and well debated in the Parliament?

KennyGan Says:

Today at 18: 32.09 (9 minutes ago)
The fact that MCA Ministers dare not speak up for Teresa Kok during the Cabinet meeting even though the party had issued a statement urging her release show that:

1) MCA public statements are for consumption of Chinese only to fish for votes. Many of their statements are only reported in the Chinese press.

2) No real action will follow the party stand. When in comes to confronting Umno directly whether in Cabinet or in Parliament they behave like good lapdogs eager to please their masters.

3) When MCA claims that they work behind close doors, it’s another way to say they did nothing.

4) MCA has lost the support of the Chinese community. No MCA leader will dare to contest in a Chinese majority area.

yhsiew Says:

Today at 18: 32.49 (8 minutes ago)
Home Minister, Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar has shown utter disrespect and contempt for Barisan Nasional Ministers and leaders who had been calling for repeal or review of the draconian and nefarious detention-without-trial law, the Internal Security Act (ISA), when he summarily and categorically declared in Johor Baru yesterday that the ISA will not be reviewed or repealed.

Syed Hamid Albar is worse than a dictator. It looks as if he owns the whole Malaysia!!!

Jeffrey Says:

Today at 18: 33.00 (8 minutes ago)
Syed Hamid is not being clever about this ISA issue. He thinks he is defending the administration and unaware his statements actually under cut it.

Times have changed. Pak Lah’s administration is being threatened by resurgent Opposition riding on a wave of public sentiments quite opposed to BN’s traditional high-handed policies, of which the use of ISA is one such example.

The recent arrest of RPK, Teresa Kok and Tan Hoon Cheng under ISA and the quick release of the last two confirm public impressions that ISA has been arbitrarily invoked without sufficient home work done.

If Syed Hamid does not support the ISA’s abolition/repeal as lobbied by the Opposition, at least he should not dismiss its review.

Even his BN and cabinet colleaques have changed their stance to favour review, people such as Zaid Ibrahim (who has since resigned), Ong Ka Ting, Ong Tee Keat, Shahrir Samad, Bernard Dompok, Dr Fong Chan Onn, Liow Tiong Lai, Dr Koh Tsu Koon, Dr S. Subramaniam and Dr Rais Yatim.

See :

Even MIC/Samy Vellu calls for Hindraf 5 release under ISA.

At least these BN chaps know that public sentiments have shifted against the BN and the continued defense of the ISA is no longer tenable that will only serve to provide more ammunition to government critics and undermine whatever left of public support for BN or its component parties.

Former premier TDM who used the ISA most during his authoritarian 20 over year rule could even turn around to say that there was no justification by the government for the recent arrests of the bloggers and opposition leader.

Not that we trust what TDM said but there is obviously a shift of ground on this ISA issue in terms of public opinion that Syed Hamid is apparently obtuse about and insensitive to, which is not really helping Pak Lah’s administration (though Syed Hamd may think otherwise) but actually helping the Opposition’s push to take over.

So in that sense we should perhaps leave him be as his insensitivity and gaffes are surely going to help the Opposition’s Cause in this crucial time of talk of impending takeover. With gaffes like “ISA is for protection of the detainees”, would the government needs more Opposition Critics to undermine it?

tancheesing2000 Says:

Today at 18: 33.38 (8 minutes ago)
UMNO doesn’t care about what MCA/MIC/Gerakan/SUPP/PBB say, from PP election we knew that it is in their blood to be taiko, dahulu, kini and selama-lamanya. And selama-lamanya component parties from servant only. DAP better prepare not be like next MCA/MIC/Gerakan when they are in position of power.

Jimm Says:

Today at 18: 37.06 (4 minutes ago)
Lets us face with truth here ….
All component parties in BN are in for their own vested interest only. They have been keeping rakyat at bay with policies and dreams that always restricted by Ketuanan agenda. Strangely, the Ketuanan agenda were part of their plot to divide rakyat and rule.
To me, all these component parties are useless and their entire existence have been the biggest scandal scheme ever registered in the history of Malaysia since Independence.
I would like all of us to spend less of our importance and valuable 24 hours a day to share our opinions in hoping for these component parties to change their prospective. We must realized that the amount of corruption practises they have involved directly and in-directly can built one four-storey bangalow and three exclusive imported saloon cars to each Malaysian with a pocket money of RM500K to spend each year …. We lost billions of RM through their evil practises …. So, don’t waste our time to teach those unteachable … let them rot in their own beliefs and die, drowning in their greed wealth ….
Their generations will not have anymore succession and that’s what we are rewarded off. Thankful for that and lets focus on Malaysian Malaysia ..

just a moment Says:

Today at 18: 37.49 (3 minutes ago)
One more thing before I forget,
Why so much focus on MCA?
Because they Bark and Lied the loudest Not to Umno but to the Chinese they so claimed ‘protecting’ same goes to the repective Race based Party.

Remember, The Rakyat and PKR ‘may’ forgive your misdeed all these years but ‘not forget’ because of History sake, don’t you think this is an exceptional fair and merciful deal?

The new Goment PKR is a total opposite of BN as far human values are concern. PKR choose to be One Rakyat and One Nation.
Quick made a decision. Its your choice, Once in a lifetime deal.

gofortruth Says:

Today at 18: 37.52 (3 minutes ago)
To the Chinese, MCA is absolutely nothing but an important bridge for business convenience. This is the only reason they voted MCA.

As soon as PR takes over the Federal Government we will see MCA completely deserted by the Chinese. If they still have any vision left, they should come out from BN NOW & be an independent party free from slavery under UMNO. Unlessl & until MCA rids itself off the “dog” & “chicken” image, they will vanish from the Malaysian political landscape.

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