Sunday, September 28, 2008

Marina - Straight From the Heart

Marina - Straight From the Heart

Posted by Super Admin
Sunday, 28 September 2008 20:05

Happy 58th Birthday, Love

Yesterday, 27th September, 2008 was Pet’s Birthday. My two daughters’ and I were allowed the schedule visit to see Pet at Kamunting, on his 58th birthday.

When we wished him Happy Birthday he had forgotten it was his birthday and told him that we had brought along birthday cards hand drawn by his 2 grandchildren, ages 5 and 6, 1 from Jia Wei age 7, 1 card signed by a few of his friends and also 3 books. We had to handover all the items with the prison authorities and they will only give it to him after inspection. I told him of the numerous emails, sms’, calls, on the blogs and our sons in the UK also sent him Birthday wishes.

This visit was also face to face and so I was holding on to his hands all along. An officer came along to inform us that we were allowed 2 visits for Hari Raya the 1st and 2nd day and it could be in the courtyard. But then it would also depend on the Recording Officer (RO) whether he is considered a hardcore and if he is then the visit would be face to face across the counter. Then Pet asked him “Am I considered a hardcore?” he said he would have to refer to the RO and get back to him. He also told us that our subsequent visit after Raya would be through a screen and we have to talk on the phone.

Pet then said, “In here it like stick and carrot,” if you are good you get a carrot when bad to get the stick. So when you don’t cooperate, you get lesser family visits and if you do they give you more face to face visits.

Well I guess if the RO don’t consider him a hardcore and allow the courtyard visit that would be the only time I would be able to give him big hug and kisses, even though it is considered “kelakuan tak senonoh” (unbecoming behavior) until he is FREE again. When he told me about this “kelakuan tak senonoh” the last trip, I did wonder whether the officers know we are married and that it was alright for married couples to show affection. Pet and me have been together for 40 years and married for 35 years.

He looked in better spirit and I asked him how he was coping and what have they been doing to him. He said that he was reading a lot and finishes a book a day and asked for me to bring him more books but no books on religion.

He is allowed to step out his cell from 7am to 6pm and at this juncture my daughter advised him to do a bit of excise due to his arterial blockage and extreme stress, we don’t want his condition to worsen. But he said that he usually reads and was reading like a book a day cause from 6pm onward the lighting in his cell was very bad and could not read anymore. If he wanted to read after 6pm he had to try and get some light from the passage way and it was very difficult.

He said he is also given the yesterday’s NST newspaper to read. Then he asked us about what he was told by an officer on a report in the NST that there was a signature campaign asking for 150 thousand signatures to free RPK and it was not getting any respond and it was a failure. I told him yes we have all sorts of campaign and the signature campaign is one of them and the response is overwhelming cause to have just started that campaign and the last I looked before coming here was about 28,000. I also told him that we having T-shirt campaigns, going bald campaign and getting supporters to send him birthday and Raya cards to Kamunting Prison he then said no wonder I am getting 10 Raya cards a day.

I told him, “Love, please don’t believe anything they tell you, they trying to break your spirit”. I said, “Trust me, you have tremendous support out there, this time around I am not alone fighting to get you out. We have a huge family out there and they are all praying everyday, burning candles in their homes having candle light vigil all over the country for your release and to abolish the ISA”. I saw tears in his eyes at this time, he was touched. I said, “Love, don’t let them tell you otherwise”.

He then said.

“Please send MT readers’ my Hari Raya greeting and thank them for remembering me and to continue supporting Malaysia Today. Malaysia Today now belongs to them and they will have to keep MT going until I am out to make that change”.

He told us that he is still in solidarity confinement all alone in that block unless they bring in someone new. He has 3 guards outside his cell at all times on a 3 hourly rotation and he remarked “what a waste of manpower guarding me inside for writing when you can read in the NST there is so much crime and murders outside there”.

When we were there 2 other detainees had family visits as well and Pet said, that the detainees gets very few family visits after awhile especially the Malay detainees. At the beginning of their detention they get frequent visits, but since some of them have been in here for a long time the family visit gets lesser and lesser due to many constrains, money being one of them. But he said, there was one Chinese, detained for 2 years, he had family visits’ without fail. I told him “Love, I will be here, I am Chinese and will be here every week rain or shine and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise”.

He also asked about how my daughters’ managing and my youngest daughter’s final exams. Then time was up my daughters and I kissed his hand and left.
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written by sjs, September 28, 2008 20:18:29


“These men of hate will go down in the history of mankind and the animal kingdom as the first to exist with “full hate!”

I spoke to a few of the World Religious Council members, after reading Marina’s article written straight from her heart. I need not! I should not have spoken to them, knowing pretty well, every living human being in this world could have provided me with the answer! Even a baby who is born today would have justified my doubt! Perhaps an unborn foetus too! But I still contacted a few of them, with different religious affiliations, hoping that I will get different answers! They gave me the same answers! I was not satisfied. Let me try on an animal this time around! I patted my neighbour’s cat, hoping that it will screech and leave its paw marks on my fingers. It never did. It licked my fingers! As I was turning back home, my neighbour’s fearsome dog was staring and barking at me, probably it noticed my stroking of the cat’s fur. I stood still, frightened at first, but happy at last that I will get the answer that I wanted, undisturbed, the dog turned its back and walked away into the house. It too knew that like its species, the human race too is harmless! Every human born to this world including the unborn foetus, and all animals, domestic or those living in the jungle and water,…… all of them either exist or bonded by varying feelings of affection call LOVE! No living mammals, reptiles, amphibians or whatever, can exist without LOVE!

Even the most hatred of all creatures of god, must possess that little love for the sake of existence! Without which, it will die! “Full hate” devoid of love does not exist and will never exist!

All religions in this world preach love. No religion in this world can exist without preaching it!

It pains me deeply, that Islam that was twisted by few for their unending thirst of power and wealth, Islam that was abused by the few for varying reasons of greed, Islam which is a true religion of love, was sabotaged and made an exception, by a few men of hate!

These men of hate will go down in the history of mankind and the animal kingdom as the first to exist with “full hate!”

The most basic of all expressions of love is a bare hug! Any animal or human possessing the most basic characteristics, and with no requirement of common sense needed, will understand this form of expression of love! Maybe they are so used to the intense feeling of sexual love that they forgot the existence of basic expressions of love. Maybe every form of love to them seems sexual! Maybe these men of “full hate” who misuse Islamic marriage allowance of four, are so obsessed with sexual desires, that basic expressions of love elude them! Maybe these men of “full hate” seem to conclude that every form of basic expressions of love will ultimately lead to a sexual activity! Maybe these men of “full hate” have not seen the tears of sadness flowing after a hug! They are men of “full hate” after all!

To all men of “full hate”, whatever religious affiliations you belong to,

To all men of “full hate” who define hugging as an unbecoming behaviour,

To all men of “full hate” who stop sons hugging crying mothers departing to the Holy Land to perform their duties,

To all men of “full hate” who stop husbands hugging crying wives at the doors of the delivery theatres,

To all men of “full hate” who stop fathers hugging crying daughters over their mothers dead bodies,

To all men of “full hate” who stop brothers hugging their sisters in consolation,

To all men of “full hate” who deprive my sister Marina from hugging her loving husband,

To all men of “full hate” who mark down LOVE instead of ticking it up,


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written by chanatak, September 28, 2008 20:18:57

Dear Marina, Be strong in your heart too. I will be praying for RPK too. Just as I know many homecell groups are also praying for him at every gathering.

Take heart be strong. Your daughters too. Evil will not triumph for long.

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written by samarlin, September 28, 2008 20:19:17

Marina,you have my deepest admiration for your perseverance towards this unspeakable and despicable act of the idiotic powers that be.
Kudos to you!
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written by Motherchell, September 28, 2008 20:32:45

Marina ! we are with you at each sec of the day and days , you and the children be strong !! We will get Pete out very soon. Every force is towards that !

Happy Birthday Pete!

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written by Kuku Burung, September 28, 2008 20:36:29

Dear Marina,
Ya, please tell RPK that they will bluff him about the happening outside to break his spirit. But my family (children included) are praying for him and you everyday. I kept my headlights on the moment I stepped into the car to remind myself of the courage of RPK.
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written by ahmadneil, September 28, 2008 20:39:11

Malaysia's Iron Lady.God bless you.
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written by BennyG, September 28, 2008 20:40:31

Dear Marina,

Thank you for updating us. Please do keep on informing how RPK is. We are glad to know that the minders are treating him ok.

We are waiting anxiously for Oct 13 now. If nothing happens, I hope that someone could lead us from there to ensure that RPK come back to you and MT.

Again, our gratitude to you and family. Selamat Hari Raya.
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written by June, September 28, 2008 20:41:39

Marina...we will keep on praying for Pete release. We will keep on sending cards to him and this will make him in high spirit as well.
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written by kclim2, September 28, 2008 20:43:33

Happy 58th birthday Pet! May God be at your side always. I pray those bastard which put you in there will go to hell and their generations to come especially botak.
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written by arazak, September 28, 2008 20:48:04


“He said that he was reading a lot and finishes a book a day and asked for me to bring him more books but no books”.

Besides sending “Hari Raya Cards” and postcards, I suggest we sent Pete books as his birthday present. . ., well not necessarily only for his birthday but continuously. I am sure good books would keep his mind occupied.

Here are some suggestions;
1.Waiting For the Barbarians, JM Coetzee
2.The Fixer, Bernard Malamud
3.Doctor Zhivago, Boris Pasternak

Let us have this book drive for Pete and any of the ISA detainees who wish to read while in Kamunting.

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written by DXB2008, September 28, 2008 20:50:41

Happy 58th birthday, RPK. His detention was appeared in local papers here. Even the UAE values freedom of expression and has safeguarded it by banning imprisonment of journalists...while Msia put his patriots in Kamunting..
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written by Alice, September 28, 2008 20:53:16

Dear Marina,
It's indeed a pleasure to hear from you again. Am glad to know Peter the Great is ok. I am sure he will be able to teach everyone in Kamunting about love and God wants him there for a reason. Take care woman and stay strong for all of us.
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written by educationist, September 28, 2008 20:54:37

Dear Marina,
Very kind of you to share what transpired at your meetings with RPK at Kamunting with us.
I see the human cost of the ISA through you and RPK.
But sadly it appears Najib will be taking over the PM post soon and Anwar seems to be at wits end to prevent it. So, what can I a mere mortal do - I'll continue to pray for a miracle - that the good RPK has done will ripen and somehow he'll be released from Kamunting.
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written by shulan, September 28, 2008 20:58:26

Dear Marina,
Thanks for sharing with us the latest of our beloved RPK. We are glad to know he is doing well. You told him that "we have all sorts of campaign and the signature campaign is one of them and the response is overwhelming cause to have just started that campaign and the last I looked before coming here was about 28,000." It is over 34,000 now. Please let him know we love him and praying that he will join us back in MT very soon.
Say No to ISA!
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written by ktchye, September 28, 2008 21:29:59

Dear Marina,

Please let RPK know he has my support. I was at the candlelight vigil that turned into a march at Dataran Merdeka last night. And proud to have taken part. There were many who called out with conviction for RPK's release. The people I saw taking to the streets were those I would never have thought would do such a thing. But they did, and it's partly because of the empowerment RPK has given them in his writings in Malaysia Today and in his ceramahs. He is an inspiration to Malaysians. We need heroes like him.

I hope he will take heart from all this and keep his spirit intact.

May I leave you with my first-hand account of my experience last night:

I was proud to be there.

I got there with my wife, my son and my close friend before 7pm. I parked my car right at Dataran Merdeka. But there were only a handful of people around. And I had just received an SMS saying that the vigil would start at 8pm. I had all this while thought it would start at 7.

We moved off towards Masjid Jamek and ecnountered a group that was being harassed by police. They were threatened like children and told to snuff out their candles. The officer in charge, a Chinese guy, even said he was giving them five seconds to snuff out their candles. They asked him not to threaten them but he reacted even more strongly. He started the countdown: "One ... two ... three ..." The disempowered crowd moved off.

I was disgusted and was about to move off with my little group when we saw the WAMI people walking in a procession with tanglungs towards Dataran Merdeka. We automatically followed them. They gave us tanglungs and we joined in the calls to abolish the ISA and free RPK. The leader of the WAMI group, Wong Chin Huat, talked briefly about the significance of the event. He also thanked the police for their generosity in giving us 10 minutes to gather and then he told us to disperse.

As we walked off, we sang "Happy Birthday" to RPK.

At that point, I wasn't sure what to do next. Would there really be a vigil after all? Would there be enough people present to make any impact? Or just a mere handful or a few pockets of people milling around? I was about to give up hope.

Then Hishammuddin Rais and his friends came by. I asked him what was happening. He indicated that Tian Chua was just across the road. We went over to join him. He knew where to go so we tagged along. We walked towards Jalan Tun Perak. As we neared the junction, we could hear the roar of a large crowd. They were shouting "Mansuhkan ISA!" We were greatly cheered by it.

When we turned the corner, we were amazed to see the huge crowd amassed in a procession heading down Jalan Tun Perak, chanting "Mansuhkan ISA!", "Bebaskan RPK!" and "Valgha Hindraf!" Where did they materialise from? Where were they when we first arrived on the scene just before 7pm?

We lit the candles we had brought along and joined in. The energy of the crowd was infectious. It was a fantastic feeling being in the midst of a large crowd of people with the same aim and the same mission. I was moved to chant along at the top of my voice. Numerous times, my voice cracked with emotion. Only those who know what it feels like to be passionate about something can understand that feeling. Only those who know what it is like to commune with other like-minded, like-hearted people can understand that feeling.

For a gloriuous half hour or so, we wended down Jalan Tun Perak and then turned into Jalan Pudu, past Menara Maybank. When cars honked in support, my heart soared. I saw someone inside a car give a thumbs-up sign. It was a moment of camaraderie and communion that inspired joy and hope.

Finally, we turned into the temple area and continued our vociferous chanting.

It's not often that I feel I've done enough for my country, but taking part in something as momentous as this march against the ISA is one thing I can be truly proud of. For once, I felt I made a significant contribution for the sake of my country.

Freeing RPK and all the ISA detainees, and abolishing the ISA forever cannot but be for the good of this country we all love.

Mansuhkan ISA!

Kee Thuan Chye
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written by varvoom, September 28, 2008 21:34:34

Dear Marina,
I had signed, had ordered T-shirts of all design, candle still blowing in the wind on my mantel piece, PC desktop and face book. I had written and spoken to BBC, Reuters, Aljazeera, and CNN, British government, friends and anyone who give me a minute. Will not relent until my hero RPK is release. May the force be with you and your family.

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written by yy88, September 28, 2008 21:37:52

Dear Pete,

A Happy and Not So memeorable Birthday to You. You are in there because you are one step nearer to what you are fighting for. They put you there because they needed to stop you from achieving you dreams.

DSAI was where you were before he was what he is today. Mandela, Gandhi, etc have went through what you are going through. Saying is easy, but please be strong and keep in mind that you are the "SELECTED ONE" to soldier on for a needed change in Malaysia.
Please rememberthat You have a Bigger Family with your beloved Family out there waiting for You.

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written by Ashleigh, September 28, 2008 21:44:08

Dear Marina,

Thank you for sharing news about RPK with us. Please do continue to update us here.

I have sent RPK a raya card and a birthday card as well. Hope he has indeed received them. Will continue to send him words of encouragement. Tell him that he should never feel alone or forgotten as his sould and spirit stays deep-rooted in our heart!

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written by indianputra, September 28, 2008 21:44:27

STUPID Syed Albar.. What did RPK do to be in solitary confinement? Have you no heart, no soul, no religion, no fairness, no etiquette? You are the type of Muslim, bringing bad name to the wonderful Muslim religion.

You should be sacked, paraded naked and tarred and made to walk in Chow Kit street while the Rakyat throw stones at you.

Don't you dare to hold an Open House this Raya... Don't!!
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written by jowkg, September 28, 2008 21:58:10

Dear Marina,

Please be strong for your husband and pls tell you husband that we are all rally behind you, be strong for GOD will punish those who sin.

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written by miracle, September 28, 2008 22:17:04

my heart cries while i read thru .. i admire you Marina and family for been so strong .. keep on and take care ..
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written by Limang, September 28, 2008 22:17:25

I hope you get to read my mail.

I see you are becoming stronger and stronger each day - good for you. Keep it up, Iron Lady, YOU ARE OUR QUEEN! And Pete will need to see you strong and cheerful for him. I am sure you know you are is only hope, light, pillar and spirit!

We know that it is going to get tough to see Pete every week, not merely the distance, but also the time, schedule, family matters, etc - all may wear you down. There is very little we can do at this moment to ease your burden.


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written by Kerajaan Rakyat, September 28, 2008 22:22:33

Happy 58th birthday Raja Petra,

To Puan Marina, be strong. Rakyat are with you.
My Hari Raya card on the way to Kamunting- for RPK.
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written by peace brother, September 28, 2008 22:30:01

There is Hari Raya feeling in the air, so why is RPK is still in jail?
Can't understand
Down with ISA, period!
And Selamat Hari Raya to you, Abang RPK and family! also Peace be with you bro.
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written by Kunta Kinte, September 28, 2008 22:36:32

Next, we should all demand for the Home Minister to RESIGN! He has been making ridiculous decisions at the expenses of the Rakyat.
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written by kksam, September 28, 2008 22:40:23

Dear Marina, please note that RPK and you had our supports. Yesterday i was with you along with 50 more others lighting candles. I have upload photos on my blog as well, one was when you arrived. RPK might have been arrested, but more and more people will come out and join the fight!!!
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written by Tlau, September 28, 2008 22:45:52


Pls tell Pete that me and my friends are tying yellow ribbons all over and everywhere and on trees. So when Pete is out of Kamunting, which is very very soon, he will then see alot of yellow ribbons on trees
Friends out there, please tie lots and lots of yellow ribbons on any trees. This is a protest - abolished ISA and a demand for Pete, Hindraf 5 and the rest of the detainees FREE. Should you have any encounters with the police, asking why wearing yellow ribbons, just tell him that this is given by the Nine Emperor God, which is celebrated around this time of the year.
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written by teo siew chin, September 28, 2008 23:01:34

"We have a huge family out there.."

Dear Marina - you've said it girl! Thank you for taking us, your virtual family, to your visits with YM RPK. And tell the big guy we totally respect his strength and courage and please do giv him big bear-hugs on our behalf each time you visit!
Selamat Hari Raya to you, YM RPK and family and dont forget our bear-hugs for YM RPK when you visit him on Hari Raya !!
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written by kent chong, September 28, 2008 23:07:01

Dear Pete and Family,
When i was at Guangzhou, i posted a Selamat Hari Raya card to Pete. I just release a Kunming lantern and my wish is FREE RPK and NO ISA. Picture been posted to Admin to publish out. My son-9 years old also know the bad of ISA.
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written by justinlian, September 28, 2008 23:07:33

Happy belated Birthday.
We wish you all the best and do keep hang in there.
Im sure you will be free soon.
Alot of people still couldnt sign as they are still afraid .
Im sure if you could do it some other place, there might be a better respond.
Hold more vigil... Im sure alot of people dont mind going.
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written by mmzl, September 28, 2008 23:34:49

Dear Marina,
I would like to offer my service to help ferry you to Kamunting once a month.

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written by macaufan, September 28, 2008 23:46:52

hey MT readers,
during this Raya open house of rejim junta umno, lets us attend their open house ramai ramai & embrass rejim by demanding 'Free RPK & ISA detainees!!'
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written by Captain, September 28, 2008 23:53:34

Pn Marina,

As much as the story of your perseverance lifts up my spirits, your revelation on the situation of the families of the other detainees severely dampens it.

To give the problems that the detainees and their families are facing a racial undertone would be exactly what the authorities want and would play right into their hands.

May I suggest for Puan to perhaps start a detainees families support group and help them rebuild their lives with their spouses, fathers & childrens; this will definitely help lift your struggle to a higher level and one that the society can identify with and lend its immediate support!

I will definitely be first in line to lend my support.
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written by cheemengwong, September 29, 2008 00:20:34

Dear Marina,

Pete, you and your children are always in my mind. I am praying for all your well being. You need to strong for Pete and your children. Let us know in this blog if you need any form of assistance. Let us know what is going on daily. We shall keep all of you in our thoughts, praying and interceeding.

Be strong Marina.
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written by observer2, September 29, 2008 00:42:16

Pn. Marina,

Be Strong!! We alwiz with you & RPK.

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written by yy88, September 29, 2008 01:27:14

Puan Marina,

Remember how Kak Azizah was turned into a fighting machine when DSAI was incarcerated. She was even an Opposition leader in Parliament. I believed you have the same attributes and strength as her. You both have so much in common. I can see another Kak Azizah in You.
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written by smpadayachi, September 29, 2008 04:10:40

Thank you so much Marina & the kids to make this possible, and keeps us in the loop, and thanks for sharing your bountiful visit and Pete's daily activities in the infamous Kamunting. Though I must say reading is a good thing, and he's got plenty of time to catch up with all the subject matters ranging from economics to arts, and even poems or prose and anything to keep his mind occupied, and the knowledge he gains from reading these materials is something no one can take that away from him. In regards to that me & the family of mine who're in strong support of wiping the ISA are awfully happy to see he's getting the books to keep him occupied.

Pete's has been included in our daily prayers, and we even recite soothing slokah's in honour of his well being, and to provide strength to move him forward. Though he's no here in MT with us, and I know the MT community are fully aware that we're all in together. We wish you, Pete & the kids, and our muslim bros & sis here in MT a very Happy Eid ul Fitr, and may the struggle to wipe out the horrible ISA remains strong in all of us.
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written by Beautiful Mind, September 29, 2008 04:35:04

My heart goes out to you Marina. You are a wonderful wife to RPK. Many knows that RPK was put in jail not because he causes a stir but he is a threat to the Barisan Nasional government. RPK was instrumental in slashing BN majority and denying them the 2/3 majority.

Although l dont put many comments nowadays but l read MT constantly and l take this opportunity wishing the Peoples' hero RPK a Happy Birthday and Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri. Stay strong and hopefully you will be released sooner than you expected. God bless.
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written by alberttan, September 29, 2008 06:27:27

To all who are involved for freedom and justice, and especially to YM RPK, family and M2D family, Thank you.


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