Sunday, September 21, 2008

Malaysia is at its most important turning point, says John Malott

Malaysia is at its most important turning point, says John Malott

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Sunday, 21 September 2008 12:45

By John Malott*

Today Malaysia is at the most important turning point in its history. Ironically, the man who has the opportunity to decide which way Malaysia will go is the man who has been considered an ineffective if not a failed leader – Abdullah Badawi.

Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam said it best in an interview with Malaysiakini:” If Abdullah lets the democratic process take place and does not stifle the country with arrests and emergency rule, it will be his finest hour, and he will go down in history as the man who liberalised the democratic system in Malaysia. But if he reneges on his word to not invoke the ISA, then he would only be digging his own grave”, Ramon said.

Although the attention of the world has turned to the financial crisis in the United States, interest in Malaysia has never been higher. The world is watching. Malaysia can redeem itself in the eyes of the world – or it can become an international pariah – all within the space of the next few weeks.

The Malaysian people should not underestimate the influence and impact that Anwar Ibrahim has overseas. The 18 months that he spent abroad after his release from prison allowed him not only to reestablish his old connections but also to develop new ones. He spoke widely throughout the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia and developed a new cadre of admirers. He is without question the most well-known and respected Malaysian in the world.


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written by MsLim, September 21, 2008 12:57:18

Those who have not sign the petition for RPK release PLEASE DO SO. PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE. He has done a lot for us please show him support.

Thank You.
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written by ahmadneil, September 21, 2008 12:58:03

History will always remember AAB as sleeping PM with empty promises to develop the most corridors in malaysia.
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written by hckit, September 21, 2008 13:01:18

Although the world is watching, but not all want a better Malaysia. Just like Singaporean, they are happy with sleeping Bodowi, so that Malaysia are no way compete them.
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written by sjs, September 21, 2008 13:13:21

Abdullah’s Malaysian Dream,

Abdullah has a dream! A dream that will be shared by all Malaysians! A Malaysian dream! Let us all share his dream! A truly Malaysian dream! Abdullah says again, this is not my only dream! A dream amongst dreams! Let me dream for all of you, my countrymen! Without these dreams, we will not achieve our dreams! We must dream everyday! We must dream every time! We must dream every second of the day! And this is my dream! And your dream!

Abdullah warns the nation:

Countrymen, beware of Anwar Ibrahim! The enemy of our dreams. He is an alarm clock that will destroy our sleep and our dreams! Don’t listen to him! Don’t listen to the alarm clock! He is the spoiler of our dreams! I don’t fell threatened, so should you! He thinks he can spoil my dream! I am smarter than him! I switched my portfolios to achieve my dreams! Anwar does not know we Malaysians have not gone to any war! And I won! Now I can dream more at my new place! I promise you my countrymen, I will keep dreaming until I achieve my dreams! This is a promise upon my dreams! A promise upon my dreamland!


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written by OilMan, September 21, 2008 13:13:26

What does the Rakyat wants:
-A transparent government
-Press freedom
-Fair dissemination of wealth
-Abolishment of the ISA
-No race based politics
-A Malaysia for Malaysians
-No ‘Keris’ weaving politicians
-Totally independent ACA
-Totally independent & professional police force
Is it so hard to ask for? I t is, at least for BN. What can be done? YOU tell me!!!

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written by takbolehtahan, September 21, 2008 13:17:15

Unfortunately, AAB only knows one way of dealing with crises ... force. He doesn't have the ability to think and thus, does cannot make right decisions. And sad to say, there is none in Umno now who can either, as many of them who were elected to hold positions of authority are not trained in anyway how to lead a country. Additionally, most of them are not true businessman and therefore, cannot apply leadership qualities to the political positions they hold. The only way for our country to move forward is to revamp the entire BN coalition. New qualified blood is definitely needed.
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written by Kunta Kinte, September 21, 2008 13:21:05

This is the ultimate reason why Malaysians must make Anwar the PM. Its not for his personal dreams but more to make Malaysia stand out in the world. Bring investors back into Malaysia and allow the Rakyat to have more job opportunities and compete globally. With our sleepy current PM, none of this is happening. Looks like we are all sleeping along with him and enjoying his dreams.
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written by ganbing, September 21, 2008 13:50:19

Tunku Abdul Rahman - Bapa Kemerdekaan
Tun Abdul Razak - Bapa Pembangunan
Tun Hussein Onn - Bapa Perpaduan
Tun Mahathir Muhammad - Bapa Perindustrian
Dato Seri Abdullah Badawi - ?

Dato Seri Abdullah Badawi - Bapa Mertua Khairy
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written by Limau, September 21, 2008 14:55:12

Dear Ganbing, Dato Seri Abdullah Badawai- Bapa Tidur.
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written by miwaki, September 21, 2008 16:02:05

If DSAI cannot be the PM of Malaysia,I would rather have Shah Rukh Khan as the new PM.Bollywood is better than BN in the eye of the world.
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written by shangrilapeace, September 21, 2008 16:16:46

Dear MT readers,

Do not be afraid to sign the petition. You will be very convinced to do so after reading 'We're all class-ed multiculturists now! by Dr Alzy Rahman in today article. At the end of the article, Click the 'Please sign the petition'. Please click and check it out before you sign or doesn't want to.
All it need is a name (eg. Jolin Tan or Ahmad) and an email.
Think of RKP & Marina when you are undecided.
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written by MAMR, September 21, 2008 17:17:52

! DSAI is without question the most well known and respected Malaysian in the world !

We Malaysian urgently needed somebody as in the above phrase to be a new PM. NOT PAK LAH resign then replaced by Najib who he himself is having a lot of accusations against him.
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written by Angel, September 21, 2008 19:12:39

I would like to believe that essentially Badawi is a good man and had the right intention to evoke changes for the better when he became PM. However, it is not easy to steer a battleship and noone wanted to pull in his direction. As Zaid had said, the thinking in the govt is so warped that I believe a real paradign shift is necessary. So, since he can't change them he either joins them or quit and he chose the latter.

Badawi however should acknowledge his limitations and let go. Right now Anwar is the best person for the job compared to all those in UMNO. He is in sync with the mentality and thinking of the people. He knows what his target market wants and how to deliver. The others are still in dreamland and can't see the elephant in the room. So, he should do the right thing for the good of the whole by letting Anwar accomplish what he wanted to but due to circumstances could not.
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