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Molotov Cocktails Attack Teresa Kok

Molotov Cocktails

Posted by madpiscean on September 28, 2008

I am really concerned and most disgusted that this trend of throwing Molotov Cocktails into the houses of people you don’t like is starting to become a ‘common’ occurence. Read Teresa’s blog.

My most vivid (not necessarily the first) impression of Molotov cocktails are courtesy of the stories my relatives told me about 513 (Wiki entry). They used to have to close the shutters, windows etc so that none of these incendiary devices would end up flying through an open window thereby torching their house. They also had to line the cracks underneath the doors with water-soaked towels and rags, and had pails of water handy in the event something did catch fire. Dark days indeed.

These days, even though the threat of 513 is unlikely to happen again on such a scale (credit also to the unified stand of the Pakatan Rakyat who have again and again denounced and countered the increasingly racist stand of the ruling coalition), Molotov cocktails are used when aggrieved parties feel that they have been slighted, insulted or if their ideas/principles are becoming irrelevant. And god forbid these uncivilised arrogant morons should be ignored or paid less attention to!

But how many of us know what exactly is a Molotov Cocktail and why is it called that… I did some Googling, learnt something new and would like to share it with yawl.

Well, the Molotov Cocktail is also known commonly as the petrol bomb, or alcohol bomb. We’ve most often seen them used by rioters on TV news segments.

It’s a glass bottle filled with a fuel like petrol/alcohol and then a burning, fuel-soaked rag or wick is used as the stopper (at the mouth of the bottle). When the bottle is thrown and it smashes on impact, the droplets and vapour of the alcohol or petrol is ignited, and you get a fireball.

As for the origins of the name ‘Molotov’, that apparently came from Vyacheslav Molotov, who was a Soviet Union Foreign Minister (1890-1986). You can read more at the Wiki entry for it but here’s a brief explanation…

During WWII, Finland refused to surrender some strategic ports to the Soviet Union. So the Soviets invaded in Nov 1939 in what is known as the Winter War. The Finns borrowed the design of an incendiary device (bomb dispensers combining a high-explosive charge with a cluster of incendiary bombs). from the Spanish Civil War, in which Franco ordered the Nationalists to use the weapon against the Soviet tanks. When this Molotov chap claimed in radio broadcasts that the Soviets were not dropping bombs but rather ‘delivering food to starving Finns’, the Finns started to call them ‘Molotov bread baskets’.So the Finns responded by attacking the tanks with an improvised incendiary device terming it the Molotov cocktail or “a drink to go with the food” (according to Wiki). They were then mass-produced at a distillery during the Winter War.

So there you go. And please folks, don’t try this at home. Selamat Hari Raya and have a great week.

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3 Responses to “Molotov Cocktails”
wits0 Says:
September 28, 2008 at 1:26 pm
I think, madpiscean, you may have forgotten to mention the poignant Hungarian Revolution of 1956 where molotov cocktails were used against T-34 tanks. That was when it became well known worldwide in the post war years.

BTW, using kerosene is hardly effective(you can try it out!). Petrol is. Not that I would want to disseminate such knowledge but it is an already known fact too that a little detergent mixed with petrol makes this firebomb more effective.

Madame Says:
September 28, 2008 at 11:50 pm
Wits0…well known fact? What have you been playing with???? :D

wits0 Says:
September 29, 2008 at 7:23 am
Madame, detergent spreads the petrol and flame faster on any surface. Adding latek(which is of course dissolved automatically)cause it to have a sticky effect, imitating a sort of napalm/phosphorous (stick n burn) effect, it is believed. Don’t think they knew that yet in Budapest in 1956. Knowing doesn’t mean practising! But now that you know, the Che Guevara school will give you double promotion should you apply. :D

 Press Statement by Teresa Kok in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday, 27th September 2008:

Authorities urged to conduct thorough investigation on molotov cocktail hurled into family residence

I am deeply saddened and most perturbed upon hearing from my family first thing this morning that some criminal elements have thrown a molotov cocktail into the compound of my family residence where my parents and siblings reside at about 3 am today. Also found or thrown into the compound was a paper on which the following (message) worded "WOI TERESA BABI!!! LU JAGA SIKIT. JANGAN SUKA CARI PASAL … NANTI GUA BAKAR SAMA LU DENGAN LU PUNYA FAMILY, PAHAM!!! CIBAI LU TERESA KOK".

Fortunately the petrol did not ignite and there was no fire damage and no one was hurt. The family very shaken and now fear for their safety.

I view this act as most despicable and criminal which is designed to instill fear, anxiety in me and to prevent me into performing my duties as an elected representative. Inter alia, I also attribute this despicable act to certain media groups and blogs that have deliberately demonised and portrayed me as chauvinistic, anti Malay and anti Islam and they persisted in reporting similar fictitious and false stories, prior and after my arrest under the ISA on 12th September 08. This may have also stoked the contempt and hatred towards me and my family. I am deeply concerned about the personal safety of my family now.

I urge the authorities to conduct a thorough investigation into this and bring the culprits to face justice soonest otherwise public confidence in the security services may be severely undermined. Elected representatives will also be hampered and be intimidated from carrying out their legitimate duties unto their constituents.


* Teresa Kok, Exco of Selangor State Government, MP for Seputeh and ADUN of Kinrara

Molotov Cocktail Thrown At My House
September 27th, 2008 by DAP Seputeh

Press statement by YB Teresa Kok, Exco of Selangor State Government, MP for Seputeh and ADUN of Kinrara On 27th September 2008 at Kuala Lumpur

Authorities Urged to Conduct Thorough Investigation On Molotov Cocktail Hurled Into Family Residence

I am deeply saddened and most perturbed upon hearing from my family first thing this morning that some criminal elements have thrown a molotov cocktail into the compound of my family residence where my parents and siblings reside at about 3 am today. Another was found at the gate. Also found thrown into the compound was a paper on which the following (message) worded “WOI TERESA BABI!!! LU JAGA SIKIT. JANGAN SUKA CARI PASAL … NANTI GUA BAKAR SAMA LU DENGAN LU PUNYA FAMILY, PAHAM!!! CIBAI LU TERESA KOK“.
Fortunately the petrol did not ignite and there was no fire damage and no one was hurt. The family very shaken and now fear for their safety. I view this act as most despicable and criminal which is designed to instill fear, anxiety in me and to prevent me into performing my duties as an elected representative. Inter alia, I also attribute this despicable act to certain media groups and blogs that have deliberately demonised and portrayed me as chauvinistic, anti Malay and anti Islam and they persisted in reporting similar fictitious and false stories, prior and after my arrest under the ISA on 12th September 08. This may have also stoked the contempt and hatred towards me and my family.

I am deeply concerned about the personal safety of my family now.I urge the authorities to conduct a thorough investigation into this and bring the culprits to face justice soon otherwise public confidence in the security services may be severely undermined. Elected representatives will also be hampered and be intimidated from carrying out their legitimate duties unto their constituents.

Teresa Kok

Kenyataan Akhbar oleh YB Teresa Kok, Ahli EXCO Kanan, Kerajaan Negeri Selangor, Ahli Parlimen Seputeh & ADUN Kinrara Pada 27hb September 2008 di Kuala Lumpur

Pihak Berkuasa Digesa Menjalankan Siasatan Penuh Atas Serangan Molotov Cocktail Ke Kediaman Keluarga Saya

Saya berasa amat dukacita dan terganggu ketika mendengar dari keluarga saya awal pagi ini bahawa anasir-anasir jenayah pada kira-kira 3.00 pagi membuang bom petrol (Molotov cocktail) ke dalam kawasan kediaman keluarga saya di mana ibu-bapa dan adik-beradik saya tinggal.

Juga tercampak ke dalam kawasan kediaman tersebut sehelai kertas dengan nota yang berbaca “ “WOI TERESA BABI!!! LU JAGA SIKIT. JANGAN SUKA CARI PASAL … NANTI GUA BAKAR SAMA LU DENGAN LU PUNYA FAMILY, PAHAM!!! CIBAI LU TERESA KOK”.

Ibu dan adik saudara saya duduk di sebelah saya dalam sidang akhbar

Nasib baik bom petrol tidak meletup, tiada kebakaran dan tiada siapa tercedera.Keluarga saya amat terganggu dan bimbang akan keselamatan mereka. Saya memandangkan serangan ini sesuatu yang amat keji dan bersifat jenayah yang bertujuan mencetuskan ketakutan dan kebimbangan terhadap saya dan mencegah saya melakukan tugas saya sebagai wakil rakyat.

Antara lain, saya juga tanggungjawabkan tindakan yang keji ini ke atas kumpulan media dan blog tertentu yang yang sengaja menghantui saya dan mencerminkan saya sebagai seorang yang bersifat perkauman, anti Melayu dan anti Islam dan berterusan melaporkan cerita / berita yang palsu dan direka, sebelum dan selepas tahanan saya di bawah ISA.

Sekarang, saya amat bimbang akan keselamatan keluarga saya.

Saya menggesa pihak berkuasa mengadakan siasatan penuh dan membawa mereka yang terlibat ke mahkamah secepat mungkin; kalau tidak kepercayaan orang ramai terhadap agensi keselamatan akan amat terjejas. Wakil-wakil rakyat akan juga terjejas dan takut melaksanakan tanggungjawab kepada pengundi mereka.

Teresa Kok

YB Dzulkifli daripada PAS, Ahli Parlimen Kuala Selangor juga datang memberi sokongan kepada saya

Wanita di sebelah kiri saya ialah YB Zuraidah, Ahli Parlimen PKR di Ampang.

Daripada Kiri ke kanan: YB Lim Lip Eng, YB Tian Chua dan YB Lim Kit Siang

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38 Responses to “Molotov Cocktail Thrown At My House”
on 27 Sep 2008 (2 days ago) at 16: 32.37 leguan
Violence in any form must be nibbed in the bud.

on 27 Sep 2008 (2 days ago) at 16: 49.46 Your friend
O dear, first and foremost, Thank God no one was injured. Pls Teresa, do consider have lights install or anything that makes it bright. better still, have dog in the compound. These are cowards and scumbags of the lowest kind.
All forms of safety needs to be look at, forget about relying on the ‘police’. We need to continue praying for safety and strengths. I wish there are other ways I can express but do not let intimidation gets to you. Pls take extra care. God bless.

on 27 Sep 2008 (2 days ago) at 17: 09.14 bentoh
Home Minister should detain you under ISA to protect you…

on 27 Sep 2008 (2 days ago) at 17: 20.06 bentoh

I think you should start playing down the whole controversy already… It seems like the more you appear in the Utusan cover, the more the-powers-that-be is interested in fanning the racial hatred, and further portraying you negatively…

and no doubt some even make you look like a desperate lady looking for publicity stunt…

(Talking about publicity stunt… it seems like some of your party’s MP are so hardworking and supportive that they appear in every single event and photo…)

on 27 Sep 2008 (2 days ago) at 17: 23.02 Johnnie
Dear Teresa,
I suspect it could be the job of the Umno Seputeh, after the found out to humiliate themselves from reporting the egg and that it backfired, maybe it’s them. I am not saying it’s them, it could be the job of Utusan Melayu or the Umno Seputeh, because they can’t get you so maybe they want to do cowardly tactics.

on 27 Sep 2008 (2 days ago) at 17: 38.12 Orangasing
Really sorry to see this happened!
Memang memalukan Malaysia with this kind of uneducated creature living among us.
Let’s wait and see if the police can solve the case by finding that person. If they did, I would be very very impressed!

You have our full support, my dear!

With lovessssssss from LONDON.

on 27 Sep 2008 (2 days ago) at 17: 52.18 middleground
From the warning note, one can easily conclude these are the low down creeps, who are a disgrace to their community. Fear them not, do not give them the pleasure to feel they are successful in their cowardly act.

Take more care, Teresa.

on 27 Sep 2008 (2 days ago) at 18: 18.51 eagle
Home Minister and IGP, This is what we call threatening the security and with intention of creating instability. So the people want to see police in real action, not arresting innocent people. Luckily for Teresa and family, it didn’t explode, now we want to see how efficient is our Police force tracking this real threat to the society.
God bless you YB and family. Be calm. IN GOD WE TRUST.

on 27 Sep 2008 (2 days ago) at 18: 33.46 nordin
Dear Teresa,

Be strong and stay focused. Don’t let this racists events undermined your spirit and derailed our struggle.

To whoever did this despicable act, let me warn you that I’ll not tolerate this kind of behavior. I’ll not allow any harm to be inflicted to my fellow malaysian brothers and sisters. Over my dead body.

on 27 Sep 2008 (2 days ago) at 18: 38.36 lee wee tak
the wording on the note suggest a low life wrote it. Teresa’s political opponents should come out and make their stand clear, whether they condemn this or they endorse this. There should be no grey area; with they support this terrorist-like approach or not.

Malaysia is no Bosnia, Palestine, Somalia, Pakistan or other chaotic countries. Those who did it is committing treason because he or it is trying to drag
Malaysia into abyss of racial hatred and violence. This creatures have to be stopped.

No need to ISA these fellas but attempted murder, attempt to cause public mischief and possession of weapon is adequate legislation under the penal code.

PDRM should come out with their statement of intent and show some result; otherwise there will be a public perception that the PDRM is unwilling to accord Teresa, a respectable tax payer, a rightful level of accountability and responsibility; which is overridden by perceived political interest, which I sincerely hope is not the case.

As for the bombers, you are no jihadist. You are cowasrd. Come out and defeat Teresa on polemics and debates. When you can’t win with logic and reason, don’t create violence. Your skills is needed in Iraq, Afganistan, Palestine etc so book a one way ticket. I’ll sponsor your bottles and get the hell out of my beloved country.

(The right legs of the letters R and K are in a marching position, approx 45 degree angle. If readers know anyone who writes like this, please report to the nearest police station and also alert Teresa. Thanks) Moderator

on 27 Sep 2008 (2 days ago) at 19: 15.17 low.ks
Dear Teresa,

Do not be afraid of such tactics, we will stand behind you. Do not let umno’s old tactics shake you.

on 27 Sep 2008 (2 days ago) at 19: 38.20 inspiron
These are the challenging times and God knows you’re able to go through it. Our body is just a “body” but our spirit, our soul and our mind are what most important. Nobody can take that away from you!
May I suggest you install as many CCTV as possible around the house. At least, you could monitor your surroundings where ever you are. We can’t depend much on the police nowadays. Remember, they are the one who locked you up the other day.

on 27 Sep 2008 (2 days ago) at 20: 50.17 Gunnfan
Please watch your six dear Teresa.

I am so pissed off right now.

What kind of lowlife scum threaten a woman and her elderly parents.

Perhaps private security for the house would be the way to go and also to engage a private investigator to look for the scum?

ps Maybe some people complain about eggs so much due to plain jealousy; coz they have no telur to speak of themselves.

on 27 Sep 2008 (2 days ago) at 21: 35.50 ventura
Such a low morale in the political application on the game of the part of present government coalition.

First it was misrepresenting and betrayal of the people in resolution of the price of petrol and economical upheaval.

Secondly the awakening of the fearsome ISA development in preventing even civilians and elected MP to function to their representative role. Apart from that the limitation and prevention of freedom of expression of bloggers and press sharing in the democratic country Malaysia.

Thirdly racist sentiment was stir and put the blame on a scrape goat into prison rather than the initiator that causes the problem in the first place. Hence creating fear and confusion of bondage within the community of Malaysia and race in the delusion of control on repetition of May 13 histories.

Lastly individual opposition politician was put in fear thru arson and antagonism of threat to their personal life, family and property.
Is this the society that we want to protrude to the world community at large? Is this also the political fair play that we want to shown to the society and community of the investment world to our Malaysia people character and personality of indecency and barbaric behavior.

We have parliament and representatives and the lawful mean to express our view to certain mean of influence. We have the people vote to determine the democratic value of election by the people of Malaysia. On the contrary at times those days the government will curtail and prevent the view and woes of the public as to deter their inadequacy. But with the current government in governing why such effect of antagonism and expression is amplify thru such a condemn act, when the present government is in power? I wonder the present government is able to preserve the harmony and peace of the Malaysia. Are they slipping their grip to the forces of opposition party which exert pressure to that extend the status quo of such as position is threaten with an act of rebellious in nature.

The question of investigation will have to rely on the police department to find out the true of this action. And hope that the relevant authority will diligently go into ground thru thoroughly investigation of such a despicable mean to fear and causes grievances and harm. The question is that can be depend on the professionalism of the police department in investigate the proprietor of the crime to face justice.

The only thing we can hope that the public will detest such an act as capable to their reason of appointed representative is being hinder and expression out their view is prevented to practice. How can they oust out their representation is their representator was being threat and danger by criminal mean, this is seen as an absolute or diverting ways to hinder the process of democratic application in Malaysia.

We, the people have to voice out and act!

on 27 Sep 2008 (2 days ago) at 22: 10.32 Susan David
Bravo Theresa..this is one of ur VICTORY…itz bcoz u have shaken up them by ur political skillz n u have also made them realise dat dey r nearing d “loserz group” so datz d reazon dey r cumin up wit all kind of cheap tacticz as usual…plz dont wazte ur time thinkin of thiz kind cheap buztardz, juzt continue winning ur battle…d whole rezponzible citizenz r by ur side… alwiz & 4eva…afterall we d oppositionz r trying to save our country from thiz uneducated & cheap mentality cockerz…CONGRATZ and GOD BLEZZ…

on 27 Sep 2008 (2 days ago) at 22: 17.38 depressman
So sad to hear this. May God bless and protect you & your family.

on 27 Sep 2008 (2 days ago) at 22: 29.27 zztop
It is a despicable and desperate act by someone who is racist with no brain. What the government and police are doing all these while?? The country situation has become like Zimbabwe. Just like the great Mugabe, if you don’t dance to my tune, this is what u get.
I can bet the Umnoputras, MIC/MCA/Gerakan and our MSMs especially that “UTUSAN” will ever come out and voice their concerns on this despicable act.
I hope Teresa should not be afraid of such evil tactics.
You are our rep. You did a great job despite a lot of obstacles,barriers and frustrations thrown at you. Keep up the great work.
We are now doing our own investigation on who is/are behind this.
God bless you and your family.

on 27 Sep 2008 (2 days ago) at 22: 40.20 pak njang
Saya sebagai warga malaysia berbangsa melayu dan beragama islam merasa amat keciwa dengan perbuatan orang yang tidak bertanggongjawab membuang bom petrol (Molotov cocktail) ke dalam kawasan kediaman keluarga YB Teresa. Sebagai bekas anggota polis saya berharap pihak polis dapat menjalankan siasatan rapi insiden tersebut. Ini bukan budaya kita raayat malaysia. Apa yang saya harap Yb Teresa jangan menyerah kalah dengan ugutan tersebut. Teruskan perjuangan demi pakatan raayat. saya akan terus menyokong YB Teresa, dan saya juga mendoakan muga YB Teresa dan Ibu Bapanya diberi perlindungan oleh Yang Maha Berkuasa.

on 27 Sep 2008 (2 days ago) at 22: 44.15 damocles
Teresa, how about body guards for you and your family.
I mean the privately hired ones, not those provided by the government. Get someone to assist you to get some really good ones.
Perhaps, even get a gun licence and arm yourself?
Of course, you’ll have to go for firearms training.
Perhaps the above are worth considering?
Best wishes & regards.

on 27 Sep 2008 (2 days ago) at 22: 47.18 AhMoi
We are on your side, YB Teresa. Together we shall bring those culprits down. May the Lord continues to protect you.

on 27 Sep 2008 (2 days ago) at 23: 10.52 S..Tan
I tried to post this in Tun Dr M blog but rejected. But Tun’s blog allowed 2 full comments on YB Theresa’s comments on ‘Similar to dog food’ although it was out of topic. You decide why is this so.Read my submission.


Saya nak ‘defend’ sikit YB yang diseret ke kolam kucar kacir oleh Utusan. The controversy surrounds the meaning of the word ‘similar’. YB menjawab soalan pemberita (bukan sengaja dia bangkit) tentang makanan. Dia jawab the food is ‘worse..’ (dia sedar ini salah,tersasul dia berhenti agak lama cari kata sesuai) kemudian ‘similar to dog food’. ‘Seperti’ jika dengan istilah ’sama’ is not the correct translation for ‘similar’ when you look at the context.

‘Similar’ is not ’same’.
In English similar and same difference is wide. Example, I can correctly say 2 different religions, human and monkeys,laptop and desktop are similar but wrong to say they are same. Similar means there are differences only some aspect same. Same means no difference. YB meant giving SAME type and SAME taste SAME style of food for breakfast, lunch, dinner on consecutive days is similar to serving dog food NOT THE FOOD ITSELF! Study how she took the trouble to describe getting the SAME food for breakfast AND lunch AND dinner AND everyday. She could have just said ‘it is dog food’, full stop! If you look at context of the word, the elaboration after the word, the FULL SENTENCE AND PARAGRAPH, facial expression, you will conclude she did not say biscuit, eggs, cucumber is dog food. The way it is served everyday same taste is ‘similar to (serving) dog food’ NOT the food itself. This is the context!

I don’t blame you if cannot grasp this.Saya pun fikir begitu sekali dengar, tapi bila diteliti videonya saya pasti maksud dia. That is why English media did not report this but Utusan blew it up with an incorrect BM translation! Tun will gladly testify to this ‘problem’ because he claims to be no 1 victim of this type of ‘SPIN’, refer ‘A Study in Spinning’(Tun’s blog) Lain maksud kita lain yang diputar, dengan mencengkam satu perkataan, padam penjelasan lanjutan perkataan itu, dan tutup seluruh perenggan dan latar belakangnya(context).
Apa bezanya! Bezanya timbul bila soal maaf.

Nak salahkan YB tak patut soal mutu makanan dalam tahanan ada asas, tapi tuduh YB menghina makanan tersebut tak betul. Some have requested YB apologise based on Utusan version, ‘understanding’ or ‘spin’ of the word ‘similar’ which is wrongly (or intentionally?) translated. So you can criticize YB for complaining about quality and type of food served in detention but not for ‘allegedly saying’ biscuit,eggs,cucumber kuah is dog food. YB did not say or mean this. That is a lie and fitnah if you pursue to destroy her character with this. Kepada yang terasa makan biskut,telur,timun dan kuah ialah makanan anjing saya harap sedar sedikit leretan Utusan ini. Tapi kalau masih nak percaya Utusan, it is your right. YB is also right in stating she did not say it. Lets still live on, and work together where we can for the country. Hidup Malaysia!

on 27 Sep 2008 (2 days ago) at 23: 21.07 Woman in Malaysia
The people who did this to your family do not even have the guts to engage in a debate with you over what you said. The more they do this to you, the more support and sympathy you will get. Don’t bother about such scum, but please take the necessary precautions to keep yourself and your family safe.

on 27 Sep 2008 (2 days ago) at 23: 26.10 Sa1nt_Jam3s
Their intention is to intimidate you, the more you are afraid, the bolder they get..this is the raw theory of the jungle..

Do not play into their hands and glorify their actions …

I wonder what Hamid have got to say now in regards to endangered personal safety?

Do we all Malaysians now have to fear for our personal safety because of the inefficiencies or incompetence of the agencies under Hamid?

on Yesterday at 00: 18.41 afa98
dear yb kok,

i think u should stay under ISA because you will be saved there under the custody of PDRM dont worry la because you kan pejuang sejati tak takut punya orang lagi pun inilah peluang untuk you pointing your finger and start blame other people loo………good chance what apa lagi mulakan la lu punya propaganda ,i ingat you should lefer to latuk seli anwar iblahim loo……
dia manyak pandei bikin propaganda tau……

on Yesterday at 00: 56.20 MotivationInMotion
When thinking is done not with the head but the tail
One ugly outcome is to receive the molotov cocktail
Such a response all sane people must condemn to fail
With those responsible being jailed without any bail

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 280908
Sun. 28th Sept. 2008.

on Yesterday at 01: 00.52 Hasbullah Pit
YB Teresa,
Saya bersimpati dengan mesej berunsur ugutan / ancaman ini.

Walaubagaimana pun, beberapa hari lalu, Ali Rustam telah menghantar mesej berunsur jenaka kepada YB Teresa, sudahkah YB membacanya?


on Yesterday at 05: 05.40 enigman
Dear Teresa,
Only a coward & the lowest of the scumbags would resort to this despicable act. Be strong & know that we are all behind you. I know deep in my heart that you’re NOT what Utusan tried to potray you to be - a villain ,chauvinistic, Islamophobic person. This form of intimidation can only come from one source - people who are narrow-minded & easily influenced by MSM. (Why do I have the niggling feeling that it was done by UMNO goons?)

Please be extra careful from now onwards. If possible install a CCTV in your parents house. At least it will be a deterrent to those who wish to harm you & your family.

Above all, do not let this incident deter you from discharging your duties as an elected representative. Our prayers go towards your safety & well-being.

on Yesterday at 05: 47.53 Sabahfan
The Umnoputras are really desperate..

They know that Sassy is getting support from Moslems in her constituency.

Dont you think they will be frustrated in seeing Malays who once voted blindly for Toyol, now coming to support a multi racial party?

When they lose in election, they resort to dirty tactics..

ISA, creating artificial sensitive issues, threatening others safety….. really the work of MAFIAs…

on Yesterday at 06: 44.18 clear conscience
YB Teresa

This is the most despicable act some quarters can ever do in these modern days of democratic governance.

Though it may be threatening, let God have it in HIS hands; certainly not the police nor Syed Hamid. They only know how to arrest innocent people to “protect them” from being under threat. Perhaps, YB, you may be expecting another ISA arrest to “protect” you from such threats.

On the more realistic view, there are a few reasons for this Molotov cocktail being thrown at your family members; amongst which are:-
i) being thrown at your parents’ home is specifically meant to frighten them in order for them to persuade you to tone down your “rhetoric” successes in countering the authorities pertaining to the recent events,
ii) as a warning to you to stop or continue attacking the government, police and Utusan Malaysia
iii) to intimidate you into submission to “Ketuanan Melayu” mentality and “supremacy”
iv) certain quarters are full of frustration
v) mentality of the worst kind in this civilized world
vi) Malaysia Boleh “spirit”

However, these people behind this act forgot that by carrying it out would be testing the government, in particular the police and Syed Hamid. What would these people say in the light of this. Your guess is as good as mine, “The police will do everything to ensure the safety of all Malaysians and will bring to book those responsible”.

The script looks “assuring” but in the end, the “story” ends with a “NFA-No Further Action” due to lack of evidence. Biasalah with such usual endings.

Only God can direct and everything is within HIS power, not Syed Hamid or the police bcoz everyone is also subjected to God unless everyone plays Godly.

on Yesterday at 08: 05.48 simoneyss
All I can see is revenge,revenge and revenge….

Thank God no1 was injured.

From the note that was left by the culprit, we can see that they/he/she is an uneducated,uncivilised, filled with hatred person, brainwashed by irrational Utusan Malaysia that has been doing all the irresponsible reporting. Who himself/herself cannot make a clear rational judgement.

Indirectly implying that Subject Pendidikan Moral in Malaysia is a failure !!! Of course this apply to the way current ministers too!!! Especially Syed HAmid that has made a fool of himself…

Beside knowing how to use law (ISA) that was created by the British Colonial 50 yrs ago, the current government and the oppositions also need to learn from them how to run the country for the good of the people and country and not for individual’s gain.

I cannot see myself coming home to settle yet at this moment as I do not feel safe and has lost confident with the current government and also the hatred from within certain Malays toward other races.

Racial harmony cannot be achieved when people cannot think/behave rationally.

on Yesterday at 10: 30.37 Mr Smith
I feel real, real sorry for Teresa and her parents. This should never have happened to such a wonderful MP who is truly loved by all the races in the country. Yes, even the Malays love her.

This is probably the result of ‘hate journalism’ propounded by Utusan Malaysia. When the paper goes overboard with its hate message, some gullible readers buy their message as real. Thus, the attack.
This low class newspaper which wallows in gutter journalism should be put in place.

on Yesterday at 10: 36.51 Mr Smith
In situation like this, all leaders, regardless of their political affiliation, should come forward and condemn this dastardly action is the strongest terms.
This is the sad part of Malaysian politics which Tengku Razaleigh has rightly described as Thirds World politics….. banana republic.

on Yesterday at 11: 26.49 William Reid
No one should write this off as malicious mischief. This is a clear act of intimidation against a representative of the people and tantamount to a threat against every Malaysian devoted to the preservation of our constitutional liberties. Every fibre of our being should condemn this attack in strongest terms and it is the responsibility as citizens of Malaysia to voice our outrage and stand firmly to say that we will not be intimidated, we will not succumb to fear, we will speak out in righteousness and we love our nation too much to see it fall into anarchy at the hands of conspirators, political brigands and bigots.

on Yesterday at 11: 27.41 S..Tan
Dear Theresa,

This is my closing response to 2 blog comments in Tun Dr M blog about your comment. My comments was rejected. I wanted to leave it at that but after the molotov I cannot let it be. Is there an ulterior intention to air accusation but block the explanation? (My explanation was posted above)

“Terima kasih pada askar bersara dulu menjaga keselamatan M’sia dan bumiputera dulu miskin kini dah berjaya. Minta jangan kecil hati, saya yakin YB tak ada niat menghina makanan kamu. Beri dia ‘benefit of doubt’ di bulan mulia ini. Sikit lagi, dah berjaya usahalah sendiri, jangan tamak mcm setengah orang minta lagi untuk anak.(alasan- hak istimewa), bagi miskin yang lain(mcm kamu dulu) tak kira bangsa. Kamu paling faham keperitan derita orang mcm ini”

on Yesterday at 13: 49.37 lee wee tak
according to Oriental Daily, the bottle contained flmable substance and a large number of nails.

If can certainly maimed. This qualified for intention to kill / maim.

Per Zainuddin, “ini budaya siapa?” certainly not Pakatan Rakyat.

PR’s political opponents better make their stand clear. Dr Koh already did. The continuining elegant silence will make you a silent supporter at the very least.

on Yesterday at 16: 21.06 Jebee
Dear Theresa,

Please be wary of threats by ill intruders with ulterior political motive. These ill hearts whoever they are will ultimately by punished severely by God and to hell in judgement day.

on Today at 00: 21.54 (9 hours ago) Jeanyie
Dear Teresa,

I am truly truly sick and bored of reading politcal news about Malaysia…I really felt so disgrace living here with all this “people” ruling our beautiful country…

I know each and every country…they have their own problems but most of them doesn’t appear on the front page news almost everyday! Most of them don’t insult and threathen their own people.

Last time I was really amazed living in Malaysia because there are so many ethnic and races living happily together in a country, not much country or people could do that…multicultural…but what I see now, war war war…internal war between our so called responsible MPs and Pms and PMS to be……

ISA people detaining MPs for stupid reasons, what you stated is a fact! They just cannot accept it and they detained you just because of that?!….Oh well…I don’t see them detaining “someone” who make fun of people of other races saying that one of the race here does not belong in Malaysia and belong somewhere else….I heard he just got like what?? SUSPENDED?!!?! Is that Keadilan? Oh please…Its a SICK remark!!~!

Detained journalists just because they are doing their job reporting? What is all this? Is this what you meant by Aman dan Makmur? What if other countries read and thought about us? don’t anyone of you government out there know how to write the word “SHAME” or “Embarassing”?

Arresting one another, threathening people who are elderly and little childs of MPs??? Making fun and insult other people races but did not get detained instead just getting suspended? this is what you call fair?

I still remember during the previous election, One of the parties uses women to demean women? Putting obscene posters everywhere just to win votes? Oh well, I clearly understands why this years voting results was so surprising! Thank God for all the dirty tricks that is being done that made the opposition party won!

If the egg being served to MP Teresa Kok is edible, I am pretty sure she wouldn’t make such remark…unless the egg is really rotten and only fits for dogs….if anyone of you out there who dare to show how decent and edible the egg is to local papers then maybe we can blame her for making such remark…but until today we don’t see no egg picture from the ISA detention…

I personally wanted to write this down because I really really sick of the attitudes that is being shown to everyone here in Malaysia…

OH YA>>I alomost forgot! the police of malaysia…Put a poll out there…see who agrees that they are “CEPAT AND ADIL”. Stupid big eating corrupted officers…they asks money intead of just giving you the summons…Asks any malaysians, I am sure 90% of them suffers same things I did!

Those who did that to you don’t even deserve to be voted by anybody,
They don’t even deserve to be respected by anyone here
They do not deserve to be humans too or ruling Malaysia

Like Seriously!!!!!

on Today at 09: 16.12 (35 minutes ago) stevens
Dear Teresa,

I’m deeply sadden of that the incident.
I hope and wish you and your family are safe and well.

Do what you should do to protect you and your family safe.

Keep up the good work and do it even better then before. There are many of your supporters backs you up.

Do take good care my dear..

Teresa Kok sues Utusan for RM30 million

KUALA LUMPUR (Oct 9, 2008) : Seputeh Member of Parliment Teresa Kok Suh Sim has filed a RM30 million defamation suit against Utusan Melayu (M) Bhd and its editor over the publication of a controversial article on the `azan' (call for prayers) last month.

The writ of summons was filed at the Civil High Court registry in the Jalan Duta Court Complex today, through law firm, S. N. Nair & Partner.

In her statement of claim, Kok, who is also Selangor senior state executive council member, claimed that the article headlined 'Azan, Jawi, Jais, UiTM dan ba-alif-ba-ya', published in its newspaper on Sept 1, meant that she was untrustworthy, a bad politician, racist and anti-Islam.

She claimed that the defamatory article was also understood to mean that she was also an intolerant, chauvinistic politician who had committed a criminal offence which was punishable with imprisonment.

Kok, 44, said the defendants published the article in question with the knowledge and/or with the intention that the gist of the article would be republished in the local and international media, both electronic and the press.

Kok, who was arrested under the Internal Security Act (ISA) for seven days following the issue, said the defamatory article was republished and disseminated and circulated in Malaysia and to the world, through Utusan's online services.

She said as a result, her reputation was gravely injured and also caused irreparable damage to the character, credit and reputation, both nationally and internationally.

She claimed she was also brought into public scandal, odium and contempt and that she suffered considerable distress, anxiety and embarrassment, entitling her to seek aggravated and exemplary damages.

Kok said on Sept 15, through her lawyer, she demanded from the defendants, a retraction, apology and damages but was refused.

She is seeking RM30 million in general damages, aggravated damages, exemplary damages, as well as an injunction to restrain the defendants or their agents, from repeating the defamatory words, interest, costs and any relief deemed proper by the court. -- BERNAMA

1 comment:

MY New Dawn said...

Teresa Kok and the supremacist minority
Commentary by Wan Hamidi Hamid
OCT 2 — Teresa Kok must be wondering why some Malays are adamant in portraying her as a Chinese chauvinist, villain of peace and enemy of Islam. With her impeccable record as the most hardworking wakil rakyat and the Member of Parliament with the highest majority votes in the country, she must be at a loss to fathom the attempts to assassinate her character.

From the blatant lies that she had opposed the azan (the Islamic call to prayer), to her wearing a skirt inside a mosque, the Seputeh MP has to live through the nightmare of racial politics almost on a daily basis.

Despite repeated denials of the azan issue — for which she was detained under the draconian Internal Security Act for seven days — Kok is still being chastised by some quarters linked to Umno, including the Malay daily Utusan Malaysia.

For the three-term MP, who is known among her close friends as a devout Catholic and a staunch believer in multiracialism, the detention without trial-ISA was not enough for her detractors. After her release, some extremist elements threw a Molotov cocktail into her parents' house.

To make matters worse, a whole lot of text messages were sent around justifying the violent act. The saddest part of the story is that some Malays actually believe that Kok is guilty of insulting Islam — which she is not.

The problem is those who believe the lies probably read one particular newspaper that is prone to promote racial supremacy. There are other Malay-language newspapers with higher circulation than the one espousing racist tendencies, yet they are not keen on resorting to false news. They seem to know the danger of playing up baseless racial accusations.

So what gives? Despite the many possible answers, it is likely that Umno, particularly in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, which suffered one of its worst election defeats, is venting anger in the only way some of its leaders know — racism.

Already many Barisan Nasional component parties are unhappy with recent racial episodes.

Now that the Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) has left BN and Gerakan is mulling a similar move, the situation is critical for Umno-led BN. The fact that Umno is more concerned with its leadership transition, thus ignoring its partners, is likely to be a push factor for component members in the federal ruling coalition.

The tussle for the top leadership in Umno is expected to bring out the nastiest and dirtiest of tactics, especially when the party divisional meetings – the real backbone of Umno – begin next week.

As reflected during the branch meetings of the last three months, Ketuanan Melayu, or Malay supremacy, was the keyword among the grassroots leaders and members. Although top leaders have defined it as the struggle for the betterment of the Malays, others took it literally to mean the superiority of the Malays over other Malaysians.

This is especially true in the case of Teresa Kok when attempts to demonise her, despite being based on slander, continue to spread among the racist political element of the usually moderate and fair-minded Malays.

To this racist minority, Umno hegemony is their game, never mind that the basis of BN is racial harmony. They couldn't care less about muhibbah so long as their supremacist definition of the Malay is accepted by all.

Their only problem is that they are in the minority. Even Kok acknowledges it. She knows many more Malays accept her, not only as an MP or a Selangor state executive councillor, but also as a fellow Malaysian.

But spending a stint under the ISA and suffering the trauma of her parents' home being fire-bombed is not an easy experience to live with. She is hoping that more Malaysians, especially the Malays, speak up against racism and those who perpetuate the dangerous trend.

Even in high places she has good Malay friends. Former de facto Law Minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim quit the government in protest against Kok's arrest under the ISA and has even written an open letter to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to abolish the cruel law.

Kok has always been a popular figure with the Malay grassroots in the Klang Valley.

Immediately after she was released from the ISA, she attended a number of breaking-of-fast ceremonies, including at the Cheras Baru mosque, the one which she was accused of going into wearing a skirt.

The truth of the matter is the event was organised outside the mosque and Kok was wearing a long skirt covering her knees, similar to skirts she wears in Parliament, the Selangor state assembly and her state government office. She did not even enter the mosque.

But racists with agendas do not let facts get in the way of a good distortion in their favour. It's never too late, however, for some of these people to reflect on the good month of Syawal to ask for forgiveness from those who have been wrongly accused.

Maaf zahir batin.

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