Thursday, September 18, 2008

Michael Backman

MALAYSIAMy Age column is published fortnightly and covers all of East Asia. Recent columns have addressed government policy in Malaysia, Singapore's elections and the Singapore Government's restrictions on media and political freedoms, nuclear energy in Asia, and the role of espionage in international trade.My columns are exactly that - they represent my views and opinions. They are not news articles and I am not a journalist.The column is read widely in Melbourne where it is published, and around the world via the Internet.Here are links to recent columns that relate to Malaysia:Malaysia's PM pays high price to stay in power (March 26, 2008)Malaysian voters open the door to Anwar Ibrahim (March 12, 2008)Malaysia Needs a Strong Opposition (February 27, 2008)Malaysia's judges & rule of law (November 21 2007)Abdullah Badawi's Performance as Prime Minister (October 26, 2007)Malaysian police and Sarawak alleged corruption (June 20, 2007)Education, Rafidah and other matters - Column (Nov 29, 2006)Website note for Malaysian readers (Nov 17, 2006)Boleh or Bodoh Column (Nov 15, 2006)Plus past columns that relate to Malaysia:On the role of Women in Malaysia and SE Asia generally (August 23, 2006)On Tun Mahathir's Outbursts (July 12, 2006)On Meeting Tun Mahathir (November 2, 2005)On Rafidah Aziz and the AP scandal (August 10, 2005)

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